Fantasy - Eight difference makers available on this week's waiver wire

Green Bay's Devante Adams is starting to produce from the No. 3 WR slot for Green Bay.

By Rich Winter

      I was shocked at how many good players were available on the week 6 waiver wire. I'm still giddy about being able to trade for Ronnie Hillman, who has turned out to be the best running back on my roster.

       Pay attention tonight because week eight might be even better. There are some players out on the waiver wire that are starting to get hot and make plays. Snag the right one and you might have a full-time starter heading down the stretch. 

Running backs: It's just bothersome how the running back position has been raveged by injury this year. As players get injured, new players step forward and there is always the chance one of them could bust your fantasy season wide open. 

1. Tre Mason - Mason is No. 1 on my waiver wire order tonight. I saw that 15-85 with 1 touchdown performance against the Seahawks. I don't care that the Rams backfield is crowded, I see Mason being the man the rest of the way. He had 15 touches last week, I'll be shocked if he doesn't get 20 this week. 

In Tre Mason, you have a chance to pick up a guy that could be a full time starter the rest of the season.

2. Denard Robinson - Jacksonville - Where did that 22 carries for 127 yards with 1 touchdown performance come from? I don't know but I want me some of that. I'm guessing Jacksonville will be looking to build on that performance and that could translate nicely into a low end No. 2 RB for you the rest of the way.

Denard Robinson jacked up the Browns with 22 carries for 127 yards with one touchdown. Must add if you get the chance.

3. Bryce Brown - Let's not forget that Bryce Brown had 564 yards and four touchdowns in 2012 while with the Eagles. He hasn't done much for the Bills this season but with CJ Spiller out and Fred Jackson out for a while, someone has to carry the rock. Brown is an accomplished receiver and after thinking about this overnight, I think Brown gets the nod in the waiver-wire order over Anthony Dixon. 

Bryce Brown could be a sweet addition to your roster this late in the season.

4. Chris Johnson - New York Jets - I saw some signs of life from Chris Johnson in that loss to New England last week. Johnson carried the ball 13 times for 61 yards and caught two balls for 19 yards. That's seven points, nearly eight in my fantasy circles. I think the addition of Percy Harvin and his ability to stretch the field might finally put some sparks in this New York Jets running game. 

13 carries for 61 yards with 2 catches for 19 yards makes Chris Johnson worth looking at.

5. Anthony Dixon - Buffalo - After looking at Dixon vs. Bryce Brown for Buffalo, I decided to say Brown is the No. 1 FF RB here. Still, if you're extremely handcuffed at the RB position this week, don't hesitate to give this guy a look. 

Bryce Brown might get more carries, but Anthony Dixon could be the goal-line replacement your team needs.

Wide receivers are a dime a dozen right?

   Well maybe, but I see three guys out there that are starting to heat up.

1. Dwayne Bowe - If I'm reading this correctly, Dwayne Bowe has had over 80 receiving yards in two of his last three games. Last week against the Chargers he hauled in 5-84. Listen, this guy hasn't found the end zone yet but he will. Despite having a terrible start, he's coming on now and the Chiefs know he's their best weapon in the passing game. Do what you can to get this guy, he'll be a great No. 3 heading down the stretch. 

Dwayne Bowe has 80 plus receiving yards in two of his last three games including 5-81 in the win over the Chargers.

2. Devante Adams - Green Bay - Yes he had just one catch for 21 yards last week but it was for a touchdown. Hmmm, that's eight points in my book. Adams had 8-77 the week before against Green Bay and has touchdowns in two of his last three games. Nelson and Cobb are the clear No. 1 and No. 1A in  Green Bay but as bad as the Green Bay running game is, I see Adams getting some touches down the stretch. Maybe not a starter, but some nice depth to have on your roster. 

Touchdowns in two of his last three games makes Devante Adams a tasty waiver wire selection this week.

3. Doug Baldwin - Seattle - Pretty surprised this guy is still on the FF waiver wire's after the news that Harvin was traded last week. Our league doesn't sleep on RB's, but sometimes they do on WR's. They won't be sleeping tonight as Baldwin had 11-123 and 1 td last week. As bad as the story has sounded in Seattle, I'm pretty sure the Seahawks are going to play with a chip on their shoulder and that means they will get the ball to Baldwin on a consistent basis. Must Add WR this week. 

11-123 with a touchdown against the Rams last week means Doug Baldwin will be one sought after Fantasy WR tonight.

Maybe one of the best things you can do if your team is fairly set is to troll that waiver wire tomorrow morning and see exactly what your fellow competitors kicked to the curb. It's worth a look as teams facing the bye week might drop just the player you need.

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Sports Bettors TV Invades Las Vegas for March Madness, 2015

Sports Bettors TV with a massive announcement on tomorrow's show....VEGAS anyone....Must tune in for this one.

By Rich Winter

Ok, if Sports Bettors TV is really invading Las Vegas for March Madness in 2015, it is time to start saving money because that sounds like the trip of a lifetime to rub shoulders with Dr. Dan, The Dream and the Mad Hatter, Rob.

If you haven't turned into their show, tomorrow is the day to get in there and listen for what the guys at SportsBettors TV are calling a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT on the Wednesday, Oct. 22nd show starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern.

Listen here: , not only this Wednesday but 7 days a week. M-F 9am, Weekends 10am for what the guys over at SportsBettors TV are calling their biggest show ever as they announce plans for the Vegas trip.

Why tune in?

One of the things SportsBettors TV has always tried to do is include their fan-base in their predictions and hear from others their thoughts on upcoming events and how to bet on them. When these guys announce the plans for the trip to Vegas, you can only imagine that the legions of fans that follow, love and appreciate these guys are going to listen and going to want to hit Vegas when March Madness rolls around.

Why Vegas? Why the Hell not!

* We have launched a major campaign using #SBTVVegas2015 all over social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

* We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary next March in Las Vegas and will announce our location, dates and plans.

* We have invited friends & fans from over 167 countries who have supported our show and movement. The response has been incredible as we plan on bringing a very large amount of people to Vegas.

* Our plan is to meet everyone to party & gamble with on the NCAA Basketball tournament which is one of the biggest events in Las Vegas

What the big-three bring to the table.

* Rob, (The Mad Hatter), picked UCONN to win the NCAA tournament a year ago. Who wants to leach into his brain to see what he's coming up with this year?

* Dr. Dan Picked The Kansas City Royals to play in the World Series BEFORE the season started in March.

* The Dream Picked Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals BEFORE the playoffs began. Dream is also on fire with NFL football right now.

That is some rock-solid advice from three of the up-and-coming superstars in the world of sports betting television.

Why you want to tune in tomorrow?

The guys at SportsBettors TV have invited several special guests to their already legendary lineup for Wednesday's show.

* Crush the Bookie @crushthebookie will be there

* Sheets Money #FakeFam @SHEETSMONEY will be there.

And, the mystery Vegas contact who is putting the whole event together for March Madness will be there.

You gotta tune in baby, it's going to be legendary.

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Fantasy - Why it's time to cut ties with Jay Cutler

The Bears are 3-4 and on the heels of an absolute locker-room meltdown. Will Jay Cutler turn it around?

By Rich Winter

      If I have Jay Cutler on my fantasy football team, I'm fit to be tied. This guy was supposed to be next level this season, in fact, Bears WR Brandon Marshall called him an MVP candidate before the season started.

      After last week's 27-14 home loss to Miami, Marshall just flat-out called Cutler out and suggested the main man isn't getting the job done.

      And he's not!

      In fact, his stats are steadily declining every week and so are your chances of winning a fantasy football title if you hitched your wagon to a guy that just seems like he doesn't care enough about winning to get the job done.

2014 game-by-game stats:

Game 1 - vs. The Bills 349 yards 2 td's, 2 int's

Game 2 vs. the Niners 176 yards with 4 td's and 0 int's

Game 3 vs. Jets - 225 yards with 2 td's and 0 int's

Game 4 vs. Green Bay - 256 with 2 td's and 2 int's

Game 5 vs. Carolina - 289 with 2 td's and 2 int's

Game 6 vs. Atlanta - 381 yards with 1 td

Game 7 vs. Dolphins - 190 yards with 1 td and 1 int

     I thought we would see a different Jay Cutler in 2014. Nope, same old Jay as he has 14 touchdowns against 7 interceptions.

     That's not good enough in FF circles, especially when his stats, efficiency and big-play capabilities seem to be declining every time he steps on the field. 

     And now, his teammates are throwing him under the bus. Brandon Marshall told the media after that loss to Miami that it wasn't his fault, it wasn't Alshon Jeffrey's fault, it wasn't Matt Forte's fault, it wasn't Martellus Bennett's fault.

     Whose fault are we supposed to be intimating that he's referring to?

     It's Cutler, who just is too mopey and inconsistent to lead your team to a FF title. 

     What to do if you own Cutler.

     I say try to leverage some kind of value for him with a team that has a solid back-up QB and someone who is past the bye with their starting QB.

    According to ESPN, fantasy football scoring leaders, Cutler is the 6th highest scoring FF QB in the league with 123 points scored. I would say try to work some magic with another FF league member by suggesting you're willing to give up the 6th ranked FF QB because you're trying to get a little more consistent at that position. 

      Plant the seed that Cutler always responds after big-time losses and that getting called out by his teammates is exactly what Cutler needs to get going. (In other words, lie your ass off so you can dump Jay Cutler).

     The man is wildly inconsistent and you don't want that at your starting QB position heading into the playoffs. I'd rather have Joe Flacco or Colin Kaepernick or RG3 even than Jay Cutler.

      Cut ties with this guy before he cuts your FF season short when he lays an egg in your opening FF playoff matchup.

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South Dakota Class B boys cross country preview - Is it Burkhalter's time to shine?

Bison 9th grader led Wessington Spring's athlete Jace Kraft in the 3200 meters at last year's state track meet. With Kraft out of the way, Burkhalter could be poised for some record-breaking stuff over the next four years.

By Rich Winter

       With Jace Kraft out of the picture, the boys in Saturday's Class B state cross country race can breathe a little easier...or can they?

       Bison 9th grader, Daniel Burkhatler has been cracking the top-five in podiums at state meets since his 7th grade year. Now, he might be poised to go on an unprecedented tear and compete for four consecutive high school titles, a feat I believe only accomplished by former Takini and CEB standout, Kiko Mendoza.

        Burkhalter finished 3rd a year ago but the guys above him on the podium have both graduated. With that in mind, Burkhalter is the pre-race favorite, but he will have company in the last half mile. 

Let's take a look at the top-three from all five Regions from Class B and see if we can't get a better handle on some of the race favorites.

Region 1 - 

1st - Jayden Waldner - James Valley Christian - 17:24

2nd - Kedrick Brantner - James Valley Christian - 17:48

3rd - Caleb Clair - Desmet - 18:14

10th - Michael Waldner - James Valley Christain (Posted his 10th place finish because with their top-two, JVC could easily be a team favorite for Saturday's race)

Region 2 - 

1st - Camren Harming - Elkton Lake/Benton - 17:41

2nd - Mason Dexter - Canistota - 17:51

3rd - John Brave Hawk - McCrossan Boys ranch - 17:55

McCrossan athletes Dillon Brazzi and Donovan Two Lance finished 6th and 7th and I suspect this team could be in the hunt for a state title. 

McCrossan Boys ranch could have a major impact on the South Dakota Class B team standings.

Region 3 - 

1st - Ryan Haggerty - Freeman Academy - 17:51

2nd - Thaniel Schroeder - Freeman Academy - 17:58

3rd - Aaron Voight - Gregory - 17:59

Freeman Academy had athletes finish in the No. 6 and No. 7 slots in the Region and will likely be a factor in the team race. 

Region 4 - 

1st - Rex Schlict - Woonsocket - 17:10

2nd - Austin Brown - Stanley County - 17:30

3rd - Ethan Weinheimer - Sully Buttes - 17:31

(Lyman high school was the Region 4 team champion)

Region 5 - 

1st - Daniel Burkhalter - Bison - 18:09

2nd - Garrett Snook - Philip - 19:00

3rd - Garrett Rolph - Newell - 19:23

(Philip was the Region champion and they finished third a year ago so they will likely be in the team-title hunt)

Individual - I see Burkhalter winning this race but Rex Schlict of Woonsocket should be right there along with Jayden Waldner of James Valley Christian.

Team race: Wow, where to begin with this one! I fully expect one heck of a team race. On paper, I have to give the edge to James Valley Christian. Feel like Freeman Academy and McCrossan Boys ranch will be right there with Philip in the mix.

    Good luck to all the athletes, coaches and parents.

    You can follow me @panicgalore on twitter. 


Clash of the Titans in 5A boys division as American Fork tangles with Davis

American Fork's Zac Jacklin will be looking to claim the top-spot in Utah's 5A cross country division after finishing a year ago.
The Davis boys are ranked No. 3 in the United States. They will be looking to hoist the 5A trophy away from No. 1 American Fork on Wednesday at Sugarhouse Park.

By Rich Winter

      When the No. 1 high school cross country team in the nation, American Fork, lines up against the No. 3 team in the nation, Davis, on Wednesday at Sugarhouse Park, you can expect some sparks to fly.

        These two teams have purposely not seen each other all year, and as you can imagine, these two heavyweights are going to be getting after it and each other. 

     Had you asked me a week ago, I would have said American Fork was the clear favorite to win it's sixth straight title and Caveman senior Zac Jacklin would ascend the throne as the 2014, 5A individual champion. 

      And then I saw the Region 1 cross country results:

1st - Stockton Smith - Davis 15:07 (That is the fastest time ever run on that Region course, shattering the old record of 15:18 set by Brad Nye in 2011. When you creep into Brad Nye territory, you are fit and ready for something big at the state meet.

4th - Josh Ward - Davis 15:30

6th - Colton Rimman

7th - Logan McCay

8th - Camren Todd

11th - Frasier Williamson

14th - Colter ?

15th - Bryce Ferguson

17th - Brandon Peters

    You can slice this up anyway you like but the fact is Davis won their 19th consecutive Region title (going back to 1996) and the team is fast, missing the all-time Davis course record by three seconds.

      So, I'm thinking Davis might have a chance at dethroning American Fork, and then I go look at the Region 4 results and see that American Fork swept the top five spots in the Region 4 race and scored a perfect score which is unheard of at the 5A level.

     OH MY!

   1. 125 Zac Jacklin 15:29.0 1. 

2. 122 Casey Clinger 15:50.1 2

3. 126 McKay Johns 15:56.8 3. 

4. 121 Jacob Chase 16:15.9 4.

5. 127 Joe Simmons 16:20.8 5. 

14. 124 Connor Hoopes 16:38.4 

18. 123 Hagen Harmer 16:45.0 (18.) 01:16.0

     American Fork had three runners under 16-minutes and six under 16:45.

    Team race: Mind you this is going to be a much closer team race than we've seen in a while. American Fork crushed the field a year ago scoring just 44 points. Lone Peak was 2nd with 82 and Davis was 3rd scoring 107. 

     I've got American Fork as the slight favorite, but they will need performances from Chase Jacobs, Joe Simmons and Conner Hoopes to hold off Davis. 

   Individual: I think we'll see a pack of about seven runners with a mile to go. In that field is going to be, Jacklin, Smith, Weber's Talon Hull, Fremont's Kaden Winter (My personal favorite as the name Winter is synonymous with at least pretty good..LOL) and Christian Carver along With Davis runner Josh Ward and American Fork's Casey Clinger.

       As the guys hit the incline to go into the Highland stadium, I expect that field to be whittled down to two.

      Jacklin and Smith - From that point, who wants it more will be the question.

     Can't wait, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!

      Good luck to all the athletes and coaches and teams. I'll be the funny looking guy with the panic button t-shirt if you want to come say hello!

    Follow me @panicgalore