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The Blackpipe Little League team emerged from the pool to win the Little League Tournament during Rosebud Fair.    

By Rich Winter

After coming through tournament pool play undefeated after a long weekend of play, Blackpipe and Pine Ridge met up in the first of what would be two championship games if necessary. Having met this tough Pine Ridge team three times already this season, and winning all three, you'll have to give the Ridge guys credit as they won that first championship game 4-3.

As news traveled throughout the acres and acres of a makeshift Rosebud Fair grounds that the boys were playing for all the marbles, folks from Blackpipe came streaming in to watch their boys, and as each inning passes, the crescendo of applause and come-on's only got louder.

Course it didn't hurt that Blackpipe had 6-foot-2 inch flamethrower Josh Morrison on the mound.

All-tournament performer, Richard Charging Hawk junior got the scoring going early when he ripped a double and later scored to give the Blackpipe kids a 1-0 lead. Pretty uneventful bottom of the first as Morrison's heat was too much for the kids from Pine Ridge.

Blackpipe pushed across one more run in the top of the 7th but Pine Ridge threatened in their half by loading the bases with two outs. A running catch from the left-fielder stymied the Pine Ridge rally and the kids from Blackpipe held a 2-0 advantage after two innings.

And then the floodgates opened.

Pine Ridge's starting pitchers ran out of innings and the Blackpipe hitters pounced, pushing three runs across for a 5-0 advantage. Morrison got out of a third inning jam and Blackpipe led it 5-0 after three.

Blackpipe scored one more in the fourth and Pine Ridge one each in the bottom of the 4th and 5th for the final margin of 6-2. Some pretty happy campers from Blackpipe and the crowd of friends, fathers and family that gathered to watch the boys bring home the Championship.

Blackpipe takes Rosebud Fair Little League championship

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Chase Kingsbury, left caught a 34-yard TD pass from Drew DeMers in Friday's 46-0 win over Mobridge/Pollock.    

By Rich Winter

Some interesting conversations with Winner folks leading up to that season opening game with Mobridge/Pollock. Wouldn't say anyone from Winner was nervous but even coach Aaker spoke of being wary of that first game, on the road: Can't say as I know the history of Winner football to that degree, but I'm guessing there have been some surprises up near the North Dakota border.

Not in 2016 baby!

A punishing Winner ground game ground out 10 yards (9.9 for you sticklers) and 385 total yards to answer the bell in a resounding way with a 46-0 win. Couple of interesting stat lines to break down from the Panic Button's perspective.

* Five different Winner players scored touchdowns...all of them on the ground except for the bearded wonder, Chase Kingsbury hauling in a Drew DeMers pass for a 34-yard score.

* 3 completions for Winner, BUT, they averaged 21 yards per completion

* Cameron Kuil - 5 carries, 97 yards (19.7 yards per carry, dang)

* Jayden Schroeder - 5 carries, 82 yards (16.4 bone crushing yards per attempt)

Scoring Summary:

Winner 1 04:25 #20 Kayleb Brozik runs for 5 yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion run by #26 Jayden Schroeder good) 8-0

Winner 1 00:17 #16 Drew DeMers pass complete to #85 Chase Kingsbury for 34 yards Touchdown! (Two point conversion run by #21 Cameron Kuil good) 16 0

Winner 2 11:34 #6 Riley Calhoon runs for 10 yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion run by #21 Cameron Kuil good) 24 0

Winner 2 06:56 #21 Cameron Kuil runs for 57 yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion run by #21 Cameron Kuil no good) 30 0

Winner 2 04:33 #26 Jayden Schroeder runs for 53 yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion pass by #16 Drew DeMers to #81 Isaac Naasz good) 38 0

Winner 4 07:39 #8 Matt Smither runs for 14 yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion run by #15 Zach Lapsley good) 46 - 0

Defensive stats: Krockett Krolikowski 5 tackles, Tre Doran 1 sack

Panic Button wants to get a look at Oscar Pravacek and will be in attendance for game No. 3 vs. Wagner: Have heard some good stuff about this freshman over in Winner. Lotta folks refer to his dad, Dan, as perhaps the greatest D-lineman in the history of a historical Winner program.
What a great opportunity for this frosh to learn from Krockett and some of the killer lineman currently pumping through the Winner program.

Alright Chase Kingsbury: Can't wait to see this guy play football on the football field. Seems like I saw him play football on the basketball court, and by me saying that I'm not inferring he's a dirty basketball player, I'm suggesting he's on the floor, he bodies up on people and he hustles as hard on the court as I've seen in a long, long time...Cannot wait to see what that looks like on the grid-iron .

As someone that's still follicly challenged in my 40's, it was interesting to hear coach Aaker talk about seeing this current class of seniors when they were in middle school. Some big boys and one, Kingsbury, that was already shaving by 9th grade. Guess it's probably cool to shave early but dang, it's gotta get old.

Do we like the beard, is it like Sampson, giving strength, should a shave be in the works.

Just kidding Chase, looking forward to meeting you after the Wagner game. Winner is at CEB this Friday.

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Raider Nation is gonna love DeAndre Washington - Carr and Cooper shine

Amari Cooper hauls in a 29-yard TD pass from Derek Carr in the second quarter as Oakland took a 14-13 lead.

With Latavius Murry seeing just two carries last night, and with Oakland rookie, DeAndre Washington seeing some first team reps, Raider Nation got a glimpse of what looks to be a stellar addition in Washington.

The Texas Tech product caught a six-yard TD pass from Derek Carr in the first quarter that knotted things up at 7-7.

Washington's stats for preseason game No. 3

8 rushes for 55 yards with a long run of 31 yards....3 receptions.

Derek Carr to Amari Cooper looks special:

Came across an interesting headline on CBS sports this morning - Raiders look unstoppable...Huh, thought they looked pretty good but I don't know about unstoppable. After a rocky outing vs. Green Bay, Derek Carr looked rock solid for most of the first half last night. Kind of a weird half with Tennessee running the football, and moving the football at will. Carr wasn't on the field that much, but when he was, the chains were moving.

Carr stats vs. Tennessee: 12-18 for 169 yards with 2 TD's

Cooper stats vs. Tennessee: 3-52 with the TD of 29 yards.

Carr in the two-minute drill: So, the Raiders get the ball with just under two minutes to play in the first half, trailing, 20-14. Nice, methodical drive down the field with Carr even scrambling several times and picking up at least one first down via the run. Oakland marched down the field, into the red zone where the drive stalled as Carr flat out missed a wide-open Clive Walford in the end zone.

Can't be too picky in the preseason. Carr missed the throw to Walford but ya gotta like that he looked cool and collected all the way down the field in a real-time, important 2-minute drill.

Offensive analysis: Not sure what if anything is going on with Latavius Murray. Atkinson and Washington got the lions share of the carries last night. You wonder if Murray is fine and Oakland is just trying to keep him fresh and ready to go. Can't argue with that offensive line up front as Carr stayed clean and Murray will be just fine once he steps in behind the Oakland hogs. You get the feeling that Derek Carr to Amari Cooper is going to be special this season. Cooper made a beautiful adjustment, may have pushed off a tad, but turned back and caught a very difficult ball while staying in bounds.

Raider offense...wouldn't say it looked unstoppable, but for the first half they certainly looked explosive and dangerous.

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