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Can White River make it a dirty dozen...

Justice Morrison is back to lead White River who will be attempting to make it to state for the 12th consecutive year.

In just over 24 hours the White River Tigers lace em up for a game with Jones County. Kind of an interesting matchup between kids that co-op in football and open with each other on the court. White River comes into the game ranked No. 4 in Class B boys basketball and while there is a lot of talent on the roster, the Tigers lost a ton to graduation.

Love what White River has done for South Dakota basketball. The Tigers have ripped off 11 straight state tournament appearances. That's impressive, and years from now, people are still going to be talking about the dynasty that Eldon Marshall built. 

But, at some point, the run has to end, doesn't it? 

The Tigers lost Dru Espinoza and Gunner Piper and others to graduation a year ago and starter Russell Leader Charge is in Red Cloud and starter, Lucas Iron Heart is at Todd County. 

Could this be the year the White River train finally runs off the track?

Don't bet on it!

White River returners: Returnees: Justice Morrison, Sr., (6-1, 11.6 ppg.; Camren Folkers, Sr., 6-6; Loren Good Shield , Sr., 6-3; John Petrikm 510, Jr.; Jadice Morrison, Soph., 6-2.

Can't wait to see those Norris boys light it up

Jadice and Justice Morrison, the Norris boys...

Really got a feel for some of the community pride around the Rosebud this summer from watching fast-pitch softball. Really liked the Corn Creek guys and the Parm guys....Still not sure about the Spring Creek guys, but the defining thing is there is a puff-your-chest out pride in some of these really, really small communities.

Yes, Norris will be pulling for the Morrison boys.

Can't wait to see Justice Morrison play. We missed him in football this season but completely understand...Just jonesing to see him compete. Really good kid, really good ball-player and he'll be asked to shoulder the load for a young-ish White River team.

Really enjoyed watching Jadice Morrison play junior varsity and get heavy varsity minutes. Like Alejandor Pena from Red Cloud, you could really see an advanced game from Jadice at the JV level. Smart, savvy, understands the game, longer than you would expect, good defender and shoots the ball well. 

Loren Good Shield is not 6-foot-3

One of my favorite memories of last summer was Good Shield coming up to say hello at the Big Dave's Softball tournament in Rosebud. Nice young man, joked with each other a bit and watched him play for his community. 

I so loved the interception return for a TD from Good Shield to defeat Todd County. Of course I love Todd County, but, someone that I got to know a little had some success and I couldn't have been happier for the young man.

I expect him to blossom on the basketball court this winter.

Know I'm missing a big-guy lost to graduation, the name escapes me, but ya gotta think Camren Folkers is going to, and is going to need to step forward for this team. Big guy, 6-foot-6, pretty deft touch out to 18-feet. 

Can't say I know a lot about John Petrikm but 

Looking forward to seeing Donnie Yackley I see five freshman on the varsity roster? 

Dear Barbara, the next wave is coming!!

This is going to be an interesting year for White River, especially early. They will certainly be a tough out at LNI and when the dust clears at the end of the season, guessing that Marshall's boys will find themselves in the big dance again.

Good luck, go get em!

Which Cub will catch Doug Foley first...

Picture is coach steckelburg, Nash, Remington Rossow, Coach Donovan. Front row Gabe Skudstad, Max Donovan, Collin Powell and Dilen Anderson.
Picture is coach steckelburg, Nash, Remington Rossow, Coach Donovan. Front row Gabe Skudstad, Max Donovan, Collin Powell and Dilen Anderson.

Happened across Hoss Pearman last night at a little kid's wrestling event in Mission. Pearman is the father of Valentine's Hudson Pearman, one of the top 145 pounders in Nebraska. Asked him about the recently completed O'Neil tournament, and then asked about Chamberlain and how the Cubs did in O'Neil. 

"They were TUFF," he said. 

Yes they were....five individual champions and third overall in a pretty rugged season-starting tournament. 

As the Cubs head to this weekend's Rapid City Tournament, can't help but wonder just how these Cubs are going to fare this season. But, I also wonder, if the next Chamberlain state champion is on this year's roster. It's been awhile since a grappler from Chamberlain stood on top of the podium. Last guy to do it...Doug Foley.

Now, to make this even more of an interesting tidbit, Foley's grandson, Gabe Skustad is ripping it up in the 106 lb. weight class and appears ready to compete at a high level. Skustad is just an 8th grader has been wrestling for a few seasons. 

A little breakdown on some of the kids: 

Remington Rossow - Freshman, hasn't been in wrestling for five years and came back out and placed 4th in O'Neil. That's a good result and with a little more mat time this guy's gonna be tough by the end of the year. 

Lotta good wrestling programs have some sort of father/son combination and Chamberlain has that element on the team. Max Donovan is at 113, and a coach's son that made it to state last year so he'll be looking to podium this season. 

Collin Power (120) - This guy was third at state a year ago....Tough, tough kid and someone that's just a sophomore, loaded with potential, and a bunch of guys to wrestle with in practice. Really looking forward to seeing what this kid does in Rapid City. 

Dilen Anderson...(126) - So, this guy wrestled last year but was not a usual placer at tournaments...Found the weightroom this summer, stomped onto the mat in O'Neil and came out as champion....OOOOOHHHHHH, I like it. 

And then of course you have freshman, Nash Hutmacher who just beat the No. 1 in South Dakota from Brookings, 6-1. Watched that match, kid is tough, really fast and athletic as heck.

Hmmmm, all six hit the weightroom this summer, all are having success....Hmmmm?

 Rapid City is a beast: All week long long I've been hearing wrestling jibber-jabber about four No. 1 kids in the 170 lb. bracket and just how tough the sledding is going to be up there. 

Rapid City Invite this weekend. 202 rated wrestlers will be there from 3 state (ND,SD,WY). Toughest tournament of the year. I keep hearing this chatter about if you can place at Rapid City, you will make it to state...I'll take that a notch further...If you're top-5 in Rapid City, you're going to be in contention for state titles later in the year. 

Really nice job for the Chamberlain wrestling program. I think of Chamberlain as a team that usually has some quality kids, some that are likely to make it to state with a few that are going to contend at state. Suddenly the roster is filled with young, tough and up-and-coming kids that are ready to make some noise. 

If ya can't make the tournament, it will be live-streamed on

What were you thinking Jesyka Dillon...

Painting by Jesyka Dillon

Alright, so I happened across the Todd County Art Show & Music Contest, of which I'll be headed to in a minute. Got caught up the art show, put my camera down, let all of today's day go bye-bye for a minute and took some time looking at some of the paintings and drawings and ceramics and stuff.

Loved this picture from Jesyka Dillon of the Strawberry!

Why a Strawberry, of all things to put in a painting? Love the color scheme as it takes off in different and lighter shades the further you move away. Simple, but really, really cool!

Okay, so I'm not sure who painted this, but I freaking love it....It's so different and out there, I wonder what the artist was thinking? Love the roots and debris falling away and the concentric piece of earth being pulled into the sky....It's just different....Love it, like Halloween uprooting itself and running away!

So, again, maybe I'm just a freak for orange, but I really like this....It's got the geometric shapes that are all order and in place but the letters and the words are like all pushed together or stretched out....Such a cool way to bring something normal to a new level. 

I just love this piece!

I'm not sure if I'm seeing two faces or one that has the possibilities of looking at you or looking away from you? Love the ears...Different sizes and different markings within....I'm such a creature of habit, and I see things in one dimension sometimes so it's nice to get out of the box and imagine what someone is thinking...smiling, frowning? Happy, angry or in-between....Superb!

And finally, my pièce de ré·sis·tance....I just love this piece...angry tree, swirling with emotions...constant struggle, turbulent...there are so many emotions in that tree....Love the red and blues and purple on top and how they kinda drip angrily with remorse or caution. It's a deep swirling mix of emotions going on there....Bravo to the artist!

Encourage everyone to take a moment at the Lakota Nation Invitational, take the blinders off, put the phone down and drink in what some of these most excellent artists have dared to share with us!