O'Rourke delivers cold-blooded buzzer beater!! (Video post)

Kobey O'Rourke's baseline buzzer-beating jumper sealed a 59-58 win at Custer.

By Rich Winter

Trailing 58-57 in a road game at Custer last night, Red Cloud junior Kobey O'Rourke delivered a dribble-drive, buzzer beating, 15-foot jumper that sent his Crusaders past the Custer Wildcats with a 59-58 win.

Unable to find the box score, but I did find the video...

The win is huge for Red Cloud as they improved to 9-3 on the season. The Crusaders are currently tied with Little Wound and St. Francis in the Region 7 standings as all three teams are 9-3 on the year.

Region 7 Seed Points W-L

Little Wound 44.67 9-3

Red Cloud 42.92 9-3

St. Francis Indian 42.25 9-3

Pine Ridge 41.10 4-6

Todd County 39.83 5-7

Bennett County 34.75 0-12

Clairmont and Dunham deliver as Todd County routs Crow Creek

Despite playing with flu-like symptoms, Todd County senior, Joe Clairmont performed well with 16 points and 13 rebounds.

By Rich Winter

Todd County seniors Joe Clairmont (16 points, 13 rebounds) and Matt Dunham (16 points, 10 rebounds) delivered double-doubles as the Todd County boys improved to 5-7 on the season with a 95-63 win over the visiting Crow Creek Chieftains. 

"I thought it was a gutty performance by two seniors that are working hard to get this team to where we all think it can get," Mike Hammer, Todd County coach and former Flandreau 6th man said. "Joe in particular did not feel well with the flu, so for him to come up with the goods in a game that we really needed was huge."

Matt Dunham came up huge with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

The Falcons opened the game with a fury in the first quarter, outscoring the Chieftians, 26-5 and setting themselves up for a comfortable and easy win in front of the home crowd who had just witnessed the Lady Falcons of Todd County improve to 14-0 while scoring 100 points against Crow Creek. 

Coach Mike Hammer, noted philanthropist, said the solid start was something his guys were looking for.

"We weren't happy with our effort in our last game vs. Red Cloud," Hammer said. "We wanted to come out with energy and execute on both ends."

For the Falcons, it was the solid, consistent effort they have been looking for since seasons start as they outscored Crow Creek in each of the four quarters, despite having such a big early lead. 

All told, five Todd County players reached double-figures.

After a brief rest on Sunday, Hammer will have a day to get his guys ready to face No. 3 Winner in Winner on Tuesday.

Scoring Summary: 

Crow Creek          5 19 21 18  - 63

Todd County      26 19 29 21 -  95

Todd County scoring: Aiden Bizardie 4, Gunner Piper 6, Austin Hammer 12, Antone Iron Heart 3, John Hacker 2, Matt Dunham 16, Joe Clairmont 16, Chris Eagle Bear 14, Dru Espinoza 16, Daniel Whirlwind Soldier 2, Malik Whirlwind Soldier 4

3-pointers: Dru Espinoza (4), Austin Hammer (2), Aiden (Moobs) Bizardie (1)

Rebounds: Clairmont (13), Dunham (10)

Assists: Hammer (6)

Steals: Hammer (5)

Chris Eagle Bear contributed 15 points to the Falcons blow out win on Saturday.

Has anyone disrespected the game more that Alex Rodriquez?

Won't you just go away already, A-Rod..

By Rich Winter

Couldn't help but notice the little tidbit in the sports this week about Alex Rodriquez working with Barry Bonds, who is serving as a hitting coach/personal trainer for Rodriquez as he attempts to make a comeback following his year-long suspension for steroid use.

What? He hired the guy Barry Bonds, that used steroids to bulk up and break the all-time home run record and the single season home run record? Well, if that just isn't two peas in a pod chumming the water with crap.

Might I be the first to say that I hope the year away has taken away what little skill Alex Rodriquez had left. This guy can't fade from the baseball scene soon enough for me. 

Was visiting with my buddy, Colombe Dynasty in Denver about this the other day and he, like me, gets why Rodriguez would hitch his wagon to Barry Bonds. Despite the steroid use, Bonds was such a great player with immense all-around skills. Yeah, maybe Bonds can help A-Rod combat father time a bit through a couple of sessions working together.

At some point though, don't you have to look around and assess the damage that you have done to the game and make a clean break from the steroid use or even the hint of steroid use by working with another steroid freak?

Doesn't your agent call you and say, 'dude, what are you doing? Do you want to get booed and have stuff thrown at you all season long"

Based on A-Rod's body language for his entire career and the lying about steroid use and the crying about the allegations of steroid use and then finally the proof positive and admitting that he used steroids, I think this man has zero respect for the game.

A-Rod doesn't love the game, he loves the money and the spotlight. He doesn't care about doing it the right way or how he's perceived or what his legacy in the game will be, and he's laughing at all the baseball purists who do care about such things.

Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life for betting on games, not his games but other games.

I find A-Rod's lack of respect for the game and those that came before him deplorable.

Be gone already! Go away! If I didn't see one A-Rod highlight this season or ever hear his name I would be good and might even turn on baseball once in while.

Hey man, if pink cookies in a plastic bag can get crushed by buildings as L.L. Cool J penned then we can all hope.

Sal Sunseri makes the Oakland Raiders better (LB) where it matters most!

The Oakland Raiders continue to fill up the coaching positions. Reports have surfaced the Raiders hired Florida State D-line coach, Sal Sunseri.

By Rich Winter

There are multiple reports that the Oakland Raiders are hiring Florida State defensive line coach Sal Sunseri as an assistant coach. The Oakland Raiders website has now updated that assistant coach to LB coach and you can bet Sunseri is foaming at the mouth to get his hands on Khalil Mack and Sio Moore. 

Sunseri's coaching experience: 

* Sunseri has college coaching experience at Alabama, Tennessee and Florida State. 

* Was University of Tennessee defensive coordinator in 2012. 

* Was with the Carolina Panthers as defensive line coach from 2002-2008 (Raiders coach Jack Del Rio was on that staff in 2002). 

While Sunseri's exact role with the Raiders hasn't been disclosed, speculation is that the most recent Florida State d-line coach will be hired as a position coach. (A report out of Washington said the Raiders are looking at the college level for defensive coordinator candidates. If that holds true, then expect Del Rio to call the plays. He said that would be the case if he hired an inexperienced defensive coordinator.)

So, the Raiders still haven't hired a DC, but reports have connected Falcons coach Mike Smith. Eric Mangini was thought to be a front-runner but he was hired by the 49ers as DC on Thursday. 

So, who will the DC be - Mel Tucker and Wade Phillips have been mentioned as possible candidates. 

Sal Sunseri evaluation: 

I love this hire and feel like bringing in a college coach that had immense success most recently at Florida State could breathe some much needed fire into the LB corp of the Oakland Raiders. 

Sunseri worked with some outstanding d-lineman at Florida State and I'm hopeful that success will translate to LB coach at Oakland. 

You start thinking about the 2013 Florida State team that won the national championship, and even to a degree, the 2014 team. Those Florida State teams were anchored by solid play from the defensive line. When the Noles got behind in 2014, it wasn't usually Jameis Winston that bailed them out, it was the D-line that started to ball out in the second half.

Love that the Raiders are paying so much attention to the offensive and defensive line. You bring in a guy like Mike Tice to coach the OL and you bring in a stud like Sunseri to coach the DL, well, the Oakland Raiders just got better where it matters most. 

Get to work Sal Sunseri!