Will there be any disiplinary action for 'THE PUSH'?

Why is Jameis Winston such a lightning rod and why didn't he get suspended for the intentional push of the ref in today's Boston College game?

By Rich Winter

Why is there always a cloud of controversy following this Jameis Winston character?

In today’s squeaker over Boston College, Winston can be seen pushing the ref out of the way as he gets ready to take a snap. The ESPN guys suggested the ref could have easily tossed him out of the game and that there might be some further repercussions for his actions.

Not likely but if you’re a storm chaser and looking for lightning to strike twice you might want to follow Jameis because something (interesting) is usually close by with him.

Regarding another unimpressive performance from the Seminoles. Yes, Florida State you have won 27 in a row but at some point that selection committee has got to start taking a look at style points for a team that has been rather lackluster against less than stellar competition.

Current rankings coming out this week should be –

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Mississippi State

4. Florida State

5. TCU

6. Ohio State (and gaining)

Fantasy - Why Jonas Gray should be on your bench this week!

Jonas Gray had a monster week last week. This week he overslept, got in Bill Belichick's doghouse and he's facing a solid front-7 of Detroit - AKA, do not play this guy.

By Rich Winter

If you’re one of those FF owner that owned and played Jonas Gray last week as he busted out with 201 yards, 4 Td’s and 58 (CBS) FF points, then good for you and I hope you enjoyed the win last week.

While Gray put up some monster numbers, I’m guessing he won’t come close to that this week with a bad matchup against the Lions and because he’s in Bill Belichick’s doghouse. I hate messing with New England RB’s because the Patriots don’t do the same thing twice.

Reasons why you should leave Gray on the bench.

1. The Patriots are facing off against the Detroit Lions tomorrow. While I expect the Patriots to dominate and win they sure as heck aren’t going to do it against that very stout front-7 of Detroit. It’s a completely different matchup vs. Detroit and I expect the Patriots to air it out tomorrow because the running will be tough.

2. Gray overslept this week and landed himself in Bill Belichick’s dog-house. While the reports list Gray as (probable, not injury related, I’m guessing with the matchup and the chance to teach this young guy a lesson, and the acquisition of LaGarrette Blount that Gray might not even see the field.

You can roll the dice with Gray if you like but I’m seeing less than five FF points. Shane Vereen looks to be the better option tomorrow against Detroit and just to teach Gray a lesson so he’ll never be late again, LaGarrette Blount gets the goal-line touches.

Don’t fall in love with a one-hit wonder. Tons of guys on the waiver wire that could give you four points.

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Fantasy - FF QB stinks, take a look at Josh McCown

If you have a QB on your FF team that just isn't getting it done, don't be afraid to grab Josh McCown who is averaging the 7th most FF points per game from the QB position.

By Rich Winter

I often marvel at people that play the game of fantasy football that are stuck on the players they drafted and don’t maneuver to get better at certain positions when there is talent on the waiver wire.

Was visiting with a young guy, friend of mine the other day who has a pretty solid roster but due to injuries and such, is stuck with RG3 as his starting FF QB.

Sorry young fella, TC, RG3 ain’t going to lead you to squat.

It’s getting pretty late in the FF game with next week being the end of the regular season for most leagues across the country.

If I’m this young buck, I’m not sitting back and just letting the league happen, I’m making a move and I’m going after Josh McCown.

Say what you want about this career backup but over the last two games he’s been one of the better FF quarterbacks in the league. In fact, McCown has been more than serviceable this season as he’s ranked 7th against all QB’s in FF points per game (CBS Sports)

Here are those point per game totals from the QB position

1. Andrew Luck – 31.5

2. Aaron Rodgers – 31

3. Peyton Manning – 29

4. Jay Cutler – 27

5. Tom Brady – 24

6. Drew Brees – 23

7. Josh McCown – 23


12. Matt Stafford – 20.5

13. Colin Kaepernick – 20.5

14. Matt Ryan – 19.5

18. Philip Rivers – 18.5

25th – RG3 – 14.5

In case you haven’t noticed, Tampa Bay is finally starting to play some good ball. Add to that the Bucs are trying to make a superstar out of WR, Mike Evans and suddenly Josh McCown looks like a good play down the stretch.

Mike Evans stats last three:

7-124, (2 td’s) – 24 FF points

7-125 (1 td) – 20 FF points

7-209 (2 td’s) – 45 FF points

Still don’t believe me?

Josh McCown stats for the last two games

27-43 – 301 yards (2 TD’s) 39 rushing – 28 points

15-23 – 288 (2 td’s) – 23 points

I’m not one for taking a risk on a player who might be a one-hit wonder. McCown has done it two straight weeks.

Bucs @ Bears:

With Jay Cutler likely to make two or three mistakes and give the Bucs a short field (Jay will be Jay my friend Roberta (Bears Fan) says, I think Josh McCown is going to have a field day.

Don’t just sit there TC, make a move brother!

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Fantasy - Alfred Blue or Frank Gore??

Arian Foster is looking questionable again with that groin. This FF playa needs to know if he should start Alfred Blue or Frank Gore?

By Rich Winter

Don’t ya hate when you have a great FF pickup and then you fail to take advantage of that great pickup?

Last week I picked up Alfred Blue on Saturday morning. I didn’t really need him because my lineup was set but I picked him up so one of the guys in my league, Dave’s Flubs (Bud’s), who had Arian Foster, wouldn’t have access to him.

Boo-yah…gotta get dirty once in a while.

At any rate, I didn’t give it much thought until I watched Blue rip the Browns for 156 yards as I left 21 FF points on my bench. (I still won but it’s hard when you see that big number on the bench and think about what could have been).

Arian Foster listed as questionable again – I said it last week and I’ll say it again…Arian Foster isn’t the toughest of guys and groin injuries are dicey. The injury report right now says that Foster is questionable…I think that translates to he’s not going to play this week. No slight on Foster but take a look at the groin injuries around the league…Montee Ball, Fred Jackson…These guys didn’t come back for over a month and they still aren’t quite right.

So, I’ve worked myself into this position, what should I do?

Alfred Blue at home vs. the Bengals?

Frank Gore at home vs. the Redskins?

What ya got FF followers…what should I do?

I’m leaning towards going with old reliable Frank Gore. That Redskin team seems like it’s in free-fall right now with the distraction that is QB, RG3. Seems like every time the Niners lean on Gore good things happen.

Alred Blue is intriguing to me though. Houston is still in a playoff race and ya gotta think Blue is playing to get noticed, either for Houston or for somewhere else next year.

I think both will be good!

Gore – 19-110 – 1 TD?

Blue – 20-85 (TD???)

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Can Boston College get another miracle in Florida today?

Nov. 23, 1984....It has been 30 years since Doug Fluties famous Hail-Mary pass against Miami. Can the Eagles get another miracle today vs. Jameis Winston and Florida State.

By Rich Winter

I would be lying if I said I’m not pulling for the Boston College Eagles to upset undefeated Florida State today.

Nothing personal against Florida State but I do take exception to the Seminole fans suggesting that their merit for being in the college football playoffs this year is based more on them being the defending champions than playing good solid football on a week-to-week basis.

“We’re the defending champs and until someone knocks us off, we deserve to be No. 1,” are the chants that I keep hearing from my ‘FSU friends’

Oh really?

I made the comment to my good buddy, Colombe Dynasty…AKA, Brown Mamba, the other day that the ACC is the sixth best conference in football.

SEC, Pac-12, Big-12, Big-10, Mtn. West and then ACC.

He LOL’ed me on that one but I’ve got news for the Florida State fans out there. Barely beating a so-so Miami team does not pass the eye test for me.

If the Seminoles squeak by another so-so ACC team this week, 6-4 Boston College, I think the voices that will be clamoring to move Mississippi State, TCU and Ohio State in front of a Florida State team that hasn’t really played anyone of high caliber this year are going to get louder.

Of course, the FSU fans could be lulled into a deafening silence if Boston College goes into FSU and pulls off a miracle of epic proportion like Doug Flutie did 30-years ago??

You gotta think that some of these teams, especially Ohio State, are going to gain some momentum and power points when they win their Conference Championship games. Florida State beating Georgia Tech or Duke or Virginia Tech…eh?

If you want in the big dance Florida State then show me that you are one of the top four teams and stop resting on the laurels of what you did last year!

Sorry Clay – FSU is not one of the top four teams in the country…

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