Fantasy - Trade him while he's hot? - What is Kirk Cousins' trade value?

After a humongous day on Sunday, Kirk Cousins' fantasy value just went through the roof!

By Rich Winter

     It was a rough fantasy football day for me yesterday.

     The first set of games from 11:00 - 2:00 p.m. Mtn. Time was excruciating for me.

     Every time I got a red-zone highlight, Kirk Cousins was doing something spectacular.

     Every time I got a game update on Aaron Rodgers I was yelling at the television.

      You see, I started Aaron Rodgers and I had Kirk Cousins on my bench....D-oh! To make it a double D-oh...I had DeSean Jackson on the bench but that, at least made sense as I wasn't sure how he'd perform coming off the bench.

    Cousins racked up 46 in my league yesterday and Jackson 20...

    Neat to lose by 30 and have 66 points on the bench.

    Just great!

    My team sucks at running back and I'm thinking this week is the time to do something about that. If you're a Cousins owner, this might be the time to find the guy/girl/ in your league that sucks at QB and make them an offer.

     But, what is Cousins worth?

      That's gonna be up to you to decide but here is what I'm thinking.

     The pacificst in me says I need to hold onto Cousins and alternate him with Rodgers until Rodgers pull out of his slump. Complicating things is Rodgers plays at the Bears next week while Cousins is at the Giants.

     Who needs the pacifist in me...we all know you can't win your fantasy league if you just sit on your hands and hope!

     The realist in me says Rodgers will come out of his slump and as a solid GM, I need to rid my roster of Kirk Cousins while the print isn't yet dry from that monster effort against the Eagles yesterday. 

      So, I am going to look through my league and find some schlub that is struggling like me. 

      Found him....his team is called the Rufnex and he hitched his wagon to Tom Brady without having a back-up. 

    Brady will come on but he's been pretty ho-hum so far this season with just 1 td through three games. 

     So, I'm gonna throw it out there for him to get Cousins until Brady pulls it out so he can start winning some games.

     What I'm asking for will come from a tier of RB's that he has.

1. Ahmad Bradshaw

2. CJ Spiller or

3. Knile Davis. 

4. Jamaal Charles 

5. Deangelo Williams

   Damn, would have to find a guy with some backs that I don't like.

      No to Deangelo Williams...No to Knile Davis (How long will he play). He won't give up Charles so it's either Spiller or Bradshaw.

     Don't like Spiller either...LOL...UMMM

    I guess it's Bradshaw.

     Now, I personally think that Cousins is worth more than Ahmad if he's willing to go there, I'm gonna try to pry something else out of him. Either he throws in Spiller with that trade or Knile Davis or I try to get a receiver from him.

       Will keep you updated...LOL. 

        Might have to pick another schlub.

       I think Cousins with the effort he had on Sunday could pry away a low end No. 1 RB or at the very least a high-end No. 2. Don't offer me your No. 3 because I ain't stupid...

      What to do? What to do?

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Blog advice - How to make your Blog sizzle!

I'm just a guy who loves to blog and feels like I have something to say in the sports world. Take the advice for what it's worth...

By Rich Winter

      I started blogging on Sportsblog in April of 2013. During those first few months I did ok, mostly in the top-ten while Sportsblog was in it's infancy.

      Early on I was putting up numbers like 6000 maybe 7000 people and I looked around at those people in the 30k and 40 k range and wondered aloud just how they were getting the reads that they did. 

        Several times I ventured out of my comfort zone and asked about five people - Can you offer any advice on how to get more reads?

        Chirp - Nothing - Nada, no one ever wanted to share.

        In fact, I was a pretty silent person on this site...didn't interact with anyone and just kinda did my own thing.

        And then this little youngster named Jake Elman started interacting with me. So, I started interacting with him and reading his stuff and asking some advice and offering some as I went along.

       I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't wanna be that guy that never tries to offer help. Several guys along the way have asked me that same question, and I've always answered them...Ask Vincent Trombley..

     At any rate, someone asked me the other day how I got so many, here ya go...This is my advice, take it or leave it. I'm not saying my blog is all that, I'm just sharing with you what I've learned.

1. Interact with others both on Sportsblog and twitter - Read some of the other blogs that are being churned out on this site and interact with the blogger. Nothing is more satisfying that getting a compliment from one of your fellow bloggers or even a hint of criticism. The other day I got a twitter message from Blog of Sports - He is No. 3 on the site and I'm no 2. He told me that on my start em / sit em pieces I should bold more headlines so that it would be easier to see. Point taken. Make sure you are tweeting and favoriting other people's stuff on twitter but also make sure you're reading their stuff or at least skimming it.

2. Twitter - My twitter account got stuck at 150 for quite a while and I just didn't feel like I knew how to use it. One of the things that I found helped grow my followers was to again, interact with others. Go into the main page of twitter once in a while and comment on people's stuff. Disagree, start a conversation but let those people know who you are.

3. Don't be offended by criticism - I make a lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and nothing stings worse than someone coming along that says your blog sucks it's unreadable. That's good criticism...It means they read your blog and they were a little pissed that you didn't clean it up all the way. I have gotten into so many squabbles on twitter, it's actually funny. Some of them had to go because they started the 'you're a moron or what a dumbass conversation.' 

This is what I do when someone tells me I'm wrong or stupid on twitter. I favorite their remark and I ask them why they said what they did. Most of the time if you can get past the first bit of negativity you'll end up with someone who reads your stuff. 

Remember - Even if they're offering up criticism they're reading your stuff. Controversey starts conversation...take criticism with a grain of salt.

4. Write about stuff that is a bit controversial - Sometimes I look at some of the blogs and I go, wow, seen that, done that. Don't blog about what everyone else is blogging?

Write stuff that appeals to certain fan bases?

A. Is Eric Weddle (Chargers) the best safety in football and then tweet that to Charger fans

B. Is Geno Smith a franchise QB - and then let Jets Nation here you defend your thesis.

C. Is RG3's career over - OOOOH, that will get the Redksins fans fired up.

      Putting a little controversy in there invites criticism but it also draws readers.

     I wrote a peice a while ago titled - "Did the New England Patriots knowingly harbour a murderer" or something like that...I thought Patriots fans were gonna track me down and kill me...But, others, people that hate the Patriots, got in there and defended my article.

    I think it got like 4000 reads.

5. Write about stuff you like - I blog a lot. I try to keep various audiences interested in what I do. I write about Native American Sports in South Dakota because that's where I'm from. I write some Utah prep sports because that's where I live. I write about college football in Utah and about NFL football and other college football stuff. I'll be writing NBA soon because I love that also.

       I try to send my stuff only to fans of the sport or event that I'm talking about. I love fantasy football and have really cashed in on a great niche of followers that love the fantasy stuff.

6. Apologize when you make a mistake and admit when you're wrong - I think admitting your wrong or human sometimes let's other people know that you're not afraid to step up to the plate and admit you musta been out of your mind for a minute...

7. Social Media tips - Don't blow your Facebook family up with your blog. I made that mistake and from time to time I got unfriended because people don't like you sharing on their timeline. I've changed to sending people Facebook messages if it's something near and dear to their heart. I created some facebook pages for my Panic Button and I had people subscribe to them if they wanted to.

Twitter is your friend...Learn how to use it and be active on it. I tweet every article of mine out to about 30 people...but I make sure that it pertains to an interest of theirs...I wrote a story about BYU football today and I didn't send it to my fantasy football buddies. Don't over-kill connections on twitter or send them to much of your stuff.

8. Don't check the status of your blog every 5 will drive you crazy.

     That's it, that's my advice...that's what I do...Who know, maybe I'm doing it all wrong. 

     I've been with this site for 18 months and it has served both as a bit of part-time income and a created outlet for all that I have to say.


Video rant of the day - What's wrong with the Green Bay Packers

Video rant of the day - What's wrong with Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy and the Green Bay Packers

By Rich Winter,

    All you need to is 

Is BYU the most compelling story in college football?

Taysom Hill has the look and feel of a winner. Can he lead BYU to the first final-four of college football?
Undefeated BYU dispatched another Power-5 conference team with a win over a good Virginia team.

By Rich Winter

     Well, the newest AP college football poll is out and the Brigham Young University Cougars moved up one spot to No. 20. Not a gigantic leap, but hey, we're only in week five and those power conference are going to be beating up on each other the rest of the season.

      Meanwhile, BYU has Utah State this week, Central Florida next week and a pretty soft schedule the rest of the way with only Boise State and Cal as speed-bumps to what could be an undefeated season and a date with a big bowl game, or college football's final four!

     Final four - You heard me.

      Alright, east coast bias if you haven't hear of Taysom Hill or aren't paying attention to this BYU team, it is my decision that you shouldn't be calling yourself a college football fan.

       Hill is Tim Tebow west!

     Now, I'm not saying that in a demeaning way, but if you'll hearken back to Tebow's days at Florida, he is considered one of the best players in college football history.

       Taysom Hill runs like Tebow and he's got a better arm.

       Hill is a touchdown machine.

      Four game stats for 2014 - 428 rush and 7 td's - passing - 876 yards and 6 touchdowns.

     Through four games - 1304 total yards and 13 touchdowns. 

       Yes, they just got done beating Virginia, 41-31 in lovely Provo, Utah, but let's not bemoan the fact that Virginia damn near beat UCLA and they did beat a Louisville team, 23-21 that was ranked when they play them.

     Now, I just talked with my buddy White (momma's boy) Mamba and he answered my compelling question by saying that BYU is the most compelling college football story in Utah.

      While Ute fans might argue, he might be right...but it's early!

       The Cougars are 4-0. What if they hit 10-0?

       Surely as those teams in front of them in the AP poll begin to pile up one and two losses, BYU is going to start moving up.

       What if they hit 11-0 and then go down to Cal and Spank a Pac-12 school to end their regular season?

       Yes, BYU has caught the attention of the national media, but if they run the table, the old Boise State, Utah, 'we belong' chants are going to start erupting through the small schools across the country.

    Then what!

     I pose three interesting questions to those who pose college football.

     1. Will the selection committee bypass BYU on talent and schedule, even if they end up in the final four of the rankings?

     2. Will BYU be overlooked by the selection committee as a means of punishment for the 'mythical' 1984 championship where they barely beat a so-so Michigan team in the Holiday Bowl?

     3. After BYU spurned several conferences including the WAC, the Mtn. West, the Big East and even the Big 12 in their attempt to gain independence, are there any members on the selection committee that don't have a little grudge against the Cougars?

      Just saying!

      BYU fans are going crazy right now, and rightfully so. They have a heck of a coach, a bunch of good athletes and one of the all-time great BYU leaders in Taysom Hill.

     As they keep on winning the chants for BYU to get invited to the first final-four are going to keep growing.

     BYU has to do their part. They have to win and win impressively.

    Remember, the Cougars are on television a lot with that ESPN contract.

     It's going to get interesting!

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Sports Bettors TV - What betting upsets will The Dream sniff out this week?

I'm not sure if the photo on The Dream's twitter account is the outfit he's wearing to work this morning or a reminder that he picked Denver to cover the spread vs. Seattle. Either way, Sports Bettors TV, week 4 football special tomorrow morning is must-see youtube television.
Can't wait for Sports Bettors TV, week four football special. What upsets is the Dream going to sniff out this week?

By Rich Winter

        Last week when I watched Sports Bettors TV and their week 3 football special, I couldn't help but get my interest piqued when The Dream started talking about the Raiders vs. the Patriots match-up.

       My first thought was he was going to bash the Raiders for being the worst team in football. I thought he might even venture into some talk about what an idiot I am for picking the Raiders to win more than five games.

      He did neither!

      Instead, he damn near sniffed out a winning pick.

       I'll have to paraphrase here but The Dream said something like this.

       "Teams that are favored by 16 points or more usually don't end up covering the spread." 

         The Dream sat there and thought about what he was saying....In fact, he might have thought too much because after holding his breath for a few minutes and thinking about how bad the Raider are he finally shrugged his shoulder and said, 'Naaaah'.

      Let me draw a fantasy football analogy for those that play that game and have the ability to compare it to sports betting.

     Sometimes when you're sitting on the fence about a player to start or a player to grab in the waiver wire and you just aren't sure, you think it over really hard like The Dream did with the Raiders at Pats game. You sit there and think about the endless possibilities and ramifications until you think your way out of making the right choice.

    Sometimes you get a player on your fantasy roster and he doesn't perform well and you let him go and he goes off for another team. I call it 'dancing with greatness.' You knew that player was good and you let him go one week to early.

     The Dream was all over that Raiders game. He used sound betting logic to come up with the hypothesis that a 16-point spread is tough to cover in just about every situation.

     He was right and he should have trusted his gut instinct on that one. 

     That's why Sports Bettors TV is kind of like 'dancing with greatness.' Dr. Dan, Rob and the Dream might not always be right by they sure as hell will cover the bases. I like to think of what The Dream said the other day as an intent of planting the seed.

       When I set down to author my fantasy football team or to make an informed sports betting decision, I want information. I want seeds of thought from other people that might help me make an informed decision.

      The good folks over at Sports Bettors TV will be launching the week 4 NFL episode tomorrow. Can't wait to see what those guys have up their sleeves this week. 

    These guys are all over the sports betting world.

   Check out their latest morning pod-cast show...Rob is all fired up with energy to get you moving this morning.

 Wanna know more, check em out at these locations.