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John Madden will introduce Ken Stabler into the 2016 NFL HOF during induction ceremonies next week.

By Rich Winter

Hard-core Raider fans knew this announcement was coming, but on Thursday, the news officially came down that former Raiders coach, John Madden would be the one introducing Stabler into the HOF next week in Canton Ohio.

While Madden isn't expected to be there in person (he'll be delivering the address remotely via what we can expect will be an awesome tribute to the late, Stabler), we can expect a lot of Stabler's teammates in attendance as the long overdue Stabler finally goes in. Cannot wait for this moment...a lot of old Oakland Raider memories will be surfacing along with some nice tie-ins to the current Raider franchise which appears to be on the way up...Finally!

Madden said this about Stabler - “In the big games he was big; in the tough games he was tough,” said Madden about Stabler last year. “The hot games, when it really got heated, he was the coolest guy on the field. That’s why he played in so many big games, and won so many big games right here, because when you need a play, ‘Snake’ always made the play. I always said, if I had one quarterback that I had to play in a game, to make a drive the length of the field at the end of the game, to win that game, that guy would be Ken Stabler, number 12, The Snake.”

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Latavius Murray had a breakout season in 2015. With a beefed up Offensive line, 1A in the NFL, Murray is a must add to your FF roster.

By Rich Winter

Well, getting close to fantasy football draft tee-times across the country and already the Raider boo-birds are out in force. 

This was posted on my Fantasy Football page on Facebook....Go ahead, make my day!

While this fantasy owner realizes that 95 percent of the country still thinks the Raiders are the Raiders, if you're a real FF owner it's time to start taking Oakland seriously, especially RB, Latavius Murray. 

Went through the RB rankings a couple of days ago and was fairly surprised by some of the names popping up in the top-10 for FF RB's.

David Johnson - No. 2

Lamar Miller - No. 5

While I might take Johnson before Murray, hell to the no would I take Lamar Miller before a guy, in Murray, that looks to be ranked just outside the top-10 for RB's, but is looking to make massive upgrades behind what looks to be the 1A offensive line in football, behind only the Dallas Cowboys. 

Came across a pretty solid piece on CBS sports this morning...See below...The author ranked AFC positions, kind of a pre-season look at the best of the best.

Offensive line per CBS article: Donald Penn, Raiders; Kelechi Osemele, Raiders; Gabe Jackson, Raiders; Rodney Hudson, Raiders; Mitchell Schwartz, Chiefs

I'm sorry, but the addition of Osemele and the retention of Donald Penn at LT along with Rodney Hudson and Gabe Jackson make Murray a no-brainer top-10 selection this season. Four of the top offensive lineman in the AFC west are wearing Silver & Black this season. 

The comparison to the Dallas offensive line is perfection, and with that in mind, how about a little comparison to DeMarco Murray, who ran wild behind his offensive line two seasons ago. 

Demarco Murray incremental stats: 

2011 - 897 yards, 2012 - 663 yards, 2013 - 1121 yards, 2014 - 1845 yards

Behind that offensive line Murray is going to take a step forward, frankly, barring injury, it would be hard not to. Add to that Jack Del Rio is going to want to run the ball and play defense translates to those 5 and 6 yard gains galore in the second half as Murray and that offensive line beat down what's left of the opposition's front-7.

That said, if you're one of those - The Raiders are still the Raiders guys/girls, I could preach and talk and throw up stats all day and you wouldn't hear a thing anyway.

Don't be one of those guys...Latavius Murray, on the rise baby!

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With the Big-12 looking to expand Texas should suck it up and apologize to Nebraska so the Big-Red can get back to the conference they belong in.

By Rich Winter

With all of the realignments that have taken place in the last decade, the one that hurt the most was the Big-Red machine exiting the Big-12 and heading off to Big Ten Country. Yes college football lost some great rivalries like Texas vs. Texas A&M and even BYU vs. Utah, to a lesser extent, but something just doesn't seem right that Nebraska is not lining up to play Oklahoma and Texas on a regular basis.

Saw a little blurb the other day about teams that might possibly join the Big-12 as it looks to expand, and about freaking time, based on not having enough teams to have an east/west - north/south playoff game, you know the one that vaults the winner into national title contention. 

Boise State (so far away, good in football but?), BYU (won't play on Sundays) - and then it's a whole lotta teams looking to scrap their way from mediocre mid-majors to the bottom of the Big-12 (Colorado State, East Carolina, Florida State (heh?), Houston, Memphis, Northern Illinois, SMU, UCONN, UCF, USF. With all apologies to those colleges listed, wow, a whole lotta vanilla on that list. 

Nebraska left the Big 12 primarily over its frustrations with the leadership at Texas. But since Nebraska's exit, the Longhorns have hired a president, a new athletic director and a new football coach.

Does that change anything or is Texas still serving up the we're bigger and badder than everyone else in the Big-12 combined BBQ plate? First of all, who told Texas they were the king of college athletics and allowed them to think they could control the money and the Big-12 network? Nebraska, along with Texas and Oklahoma, especially in football, was the Big-12. But Nebraska's impact was more than that. The Huskers had and have great track teams, stellar women's volleyball and basketball programs and gymnastics teams. 

And then the Huskers got tired of Texas flapping their gums and jumped ship to the Big-10 in one of the most shocking announcements in college sports history. Saying goodbye to Nebraska vs. Texas and Nebraska vs. Oklahoma and losing a flag-ship franchise of the former Big-8....Boo Texas!

Husker fans are a proud bunch but give em a shot of Sodium pentothal and they would probably admit that realignment to the Big Ten hasn't been all it's been cracked up to be. 

Nebraska was put in the division opposite of Ohio State and Michigan and Penn State and so, mostly football here, how many marquee games do the Huskers get every year? With stellar rivalries all over the Big-12 and new ones that would have developed with TCU and Baylor and such, Nebraska's biggest rival is Iowa and that barely registers on the 'oh my gosh, I have to go see that game this year'. 

Can't speak of Nebraska's overall experience in the Big Ten. Maybe the math and science and literature departments have been upgraded with the move, maybe not, but at the end of the day, this college football fan misses those old, traditional rivalries that made the Big 12 so special. With Baylor committing the ultimate athletic sin with their recent allegations, the Big 12, and especially Texas, needs to open their arms, bend over for a minute, take one for the team, and welcome the Huskers back with open arms. 

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