Panther Lair vs. PANIC BUTTON - (Poll - Who wins)??

My hat is off to Panther Lair blogger Randy Inman who is blogging his ASS off this week.

Panic Button author, Rich Winter sitting at home wondering just what it's going to take?

By Rich Winter

I just gotta say, Panther Lair, you are one heck of a competitor in this contest. 

(Saying this in a funny way so as not to be misconstrued)

You're killing me! Every time I post, you post! 

I'm not watching football right now because I'm watching your blog and wondering exactly what it's going to take??

How many am I behind? Am I closing? What did he post now? What's my next idea? and Next? and next?

I promise when this contest is over I'm going to go back through and read every single piece that you wrote this week because I'm seeing some pretty impressive pictures and stories coming down from you.


If I lose this contest, I want to be mad at you because I really want this one. Hated seeing you in the quarterfinals...First thing I looked for when the bracket came out was where is Panther Lair?

I want to be mad if I lose but I won't be because I'm giving it every thing I got. If you win, hats off to you because you've got a great blog and some really terrific stuff.

Can't be mad about that....So, Good Luck, and I mean that (grrrr?)

And Support the Name, don't think I'm not looking at you sailing away in that upper bracket. RG3 had to get benched to bring the world's attention to the best Redskins blog on this site.


And also - Boxing BUZZ - (Dayum) 1 blog and you get 10-thousand...Neat!! (I'm not a fan of boxing but your blog is tight, well-written, you are really dialed in on Manny Pacquiao.

1 blog = 10000 does he do it?

I will say this Randy...I'm gonna be a tough out!!

LNI Fan Poll - Who wins the 2014 girls LNI tournament? (vote inside)

If the seeds hold, CEB and Red Cloud would play in the semis of the Lakota Nation Invitational. Who is your favorite to win?

By Rich Winter

Well, girls basketball practice is already underway across South Dakota and while most of the girls have a tune-up game or two in early December, we all know they are pointing to the LNI Tournament.

So intrigued by the girls field this year. You have to think Pine Ridge is right there. They own LNI and I have to think they will make another push. Red Cloud is No. 2 and CEB No. 3 with the Todd County girls No. 4.

If the seeds hold and they meet in the semis.

Pine Ridge vs. Todd County

CEB vs. Red Cloud

Alright, so I posted another blog this morning about the boys tournament and right now the No. 1 seed in the tournament, Red Cloud is bringing it as 50 percent of the voters believe the Crusaders are going to win. Guess that means I'll have to get in touch with Christian McGhee to talk about the Saders for the feature I promised. (We'll see though, rankings could change)

Let's to the same thing for the girls. The team that gets the most votes gets the next in-depth team feature on PanicButton.

Fantasy - Is new Viking Ben Tate worth holding onto?

Ben Tate was brought into Minnesota because of injuries. The Vikings say that McKinnon is their guy but McKinnon has a bad lower back...Is Ben Tate worth holding onto?

By Rich Winter

Good buddy of mine, White Mamba managed to end up with Jerick McKinnon and Ben Tate on his roster this year.

When Tate got traded to the Vikings, Mamba grumbled a bit because he wasn't sure what Tate's role would be with the Vikings and it's not exactly like McKinnon has been lighting it up.

I just looked in our FF league and the Mamba let Tate go.

Smart decision or no?

Like the Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill situation, with slightly less talent around, this one is pretty interesting to me.

If you're listening to Vikings OC Norv Turner, he's giving a ringing endorsement to Jerick McKinnon.

Turner said the team claimed running back Ben Tate because of injuries at the position and that Tate was not brought in to take McKinnon's job.

"Obviously, we're in a situation where [Wednesday] we had one back that could practice, so the timing of [Tate] being released and the opportunity for us to add a back, certainly it was good timing," Turner told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "We're excited about Jerick and what he's done, and I see him as our running back," Turner added.

Despite the lavish praise from Norv Turner, the injury report suggests Ben Tate owners should think about holding onto their guy. 

McKinnon has a bad back and missed some time this week and Matt Asiata is still dealing with effects of a concussion.

McKinnon did not practice Wednesday due to a back injury, but is expected to be fine for Sunday's game against the Packers. Running back Matt Asiata's status is in doubt after he suffered a concussion Week 11, Turner told the paper.

Rich Winter analysis: While my first thought here with the Vikings is that they probably want to get a really good look at McKinnon to see if they need to address the RB position in the draft for next year, assuming they cut ties with Minnesota.

And the Vikings are realistically out of any playoff race so playing strategy at this point by playing Tate seems pretty useless.


Ya still gotta keep your fan base interested and I've not been impressed with McKinnon who has not scored a rushing TD this season despite getting 113 carries this season.

Ben Tate: Turner is suggesting that with Asiata out this week that Ben Tate is going to be involved in the offense. How much, we'll have to wait and see. If I'm Ben Tate, I'm running my tail off trying to get a contract for next season.

Let's just suppose that like LaGarrette Blount did last week, Tate pushes a couple in the end-zone. (Saw Matt Asiata score three times in one game earlier this year). Wouldn't that make Tate worthy of keeping around?

This is a tough one and I have no real feel on the conundrum. 

Advice - I would say hold onto him. Dropping him this week, this late in the season, when we've yet to see what his role could be in Minnesota could be. We are past the bye weeks so I can't see any reason to drop him based on having quality players at the RB position that you will play.

If he gets two touches this week drop him, but I'd hate to be a FF owner that passes on what (Could) be a nice little security blanket heading into the playoffs. 

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Fantasy - Bernard or Hill, who is the FF MAN in Cincy?

Even though Giovani Bernard is back in camp, it looks like Jeremy Hill might have assumed the No. 1 FF back title for the Bengals.

By Rich Winter

I was sitting down with my pal Bob Neely the other day and we started talking about his FF dilemma. He drafted Giovani Bernard and picked up Jeremy Hill just before he started to go off.

For last week, Neely was trying to decide which two RB's he should start, choosing from Eddie Lacy, Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill.

He said he almost played both Hill and Bernard. (Eddie Lacy went off so good thing he didn't). 

We started talking about the Hill vs. Bernard choice and I gotta admit, that one is a pickle. 

Seriously, what are you gonna do with that? Giovanni Bernard was the clear starter coming in, the workhorse back, but he got injured and it's pretty hard to deny what Hill has done over the last four games.

Jeremy Hill - Last four games: 

Vs. Jacksonville - 154 yards (2) TD's (33 FF points)

Vs. Cleveland 55 yards (5 FF points)

Vs. New Orleans 152 rushing, 23 receiving (1) TD (23 FF points)

Vs. Houston 87 rushing (1) TD, 15 receiving (15 FF points)

19 FF points per game over the last four - I'll take that!!!

Giovani Bernard went down with a hip injury several weeks ago. He came back last week to have just 45 rushing and 22 receiving yards (6 FF points).

Giovani Bernard - For a lot of FF owners, Giovani Bernard was a high draft pick and a valuable commodity. He WAS penciled in as a must start every week, until the hip injury took him down. 

While he was gone, Hill took over and took over in a big way!

Now what?

Rich Winter says Jeremy Hill is going to be the man going forward.

I'm not so sure the old adage applies here to starters don't lose their jobs because of an injury! They do if someone better comes along.

Rich Winter analysis: This is how I'm looking at the Hill vs. Bernard debate. To me, I think you have to put aside your feelings for both of these players and really evaluate what they are!

Giovani Bernard is a great pass-catcher and a decent runner - He's a 3rd down back.

Jeremy Hill is a downhill runner, an every down back.

For me I think Hill fits more along the style of what Bengals OC, Hue Jackson wants to do. I look at the Bengals team and I see a team that is built more to run than they are to throw.

For that reason: Hill is going to be the man going forward!

Regarding Bernard - He's probably still worth a start as a flex but if you're expecting him to give you double-digit FF points every week, that ship has sailed.

However, what are your thoughts?

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Fan poll (Check in to vote) - Who wins the 2014 LNI boys basketball tourney?

With the Lakota Nation Invitational just around the corner, the Sports Instigator, Rich Winter wants to know who the fans think is going to win the boys tournament?

By Rich Winter

With the Lakota Nation Invitational just around the corner, the Sports Instigator, Rich Winter wants to see who is following this blog and who supports there boys basketball team the most.

So, going to post a poll here. The school that receives the most votes for their team by 6:00 p.m. Mtn. time today is the next school that Panicbutton will feature with a pre-season profile story.

Tell your friends!

The Lakota Nation Invitational boys bracket!