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Brian Dillon, far left, finished the half marathon with a heavy heart.

By Rich Winter

Let's face it, this has been a very tough week for the Rosebud Reservation. A lot of heavy hearts, a lot of sadness and a lot of shattered dreams and lives. It's going to take a long time to recover from the heartache of this week but it's astounding to know during these difficult times just how many people are praying for, caring and loving those that have suffered life-changing losses.

Awesomeness abounds every time Billy Mills comes to town. Missed his speech this year as i was coming back from Sioux Falls and didn't make it in time...went out with Kernit Grimshaw to grab some photos and he told me a bit about the speech. 

Very touched to hear that Mr. Mills stuck around to greet the last finisher, Brain Dillon, who tackled the 13.1 miles under excruciatingly hot temperatures. Dillon finished well after the other runners, and in some events like this the celebrity, in this case a world class athlete as the only American man to ever win a gold medal at 10000 meters, could have jumped in his car and headed out....Nope, he waited for and warmly greeted every last finisher...That's a rock solid dude.

Caught a little note from Brian Dillon on his Facebook page after the run - it was a 13.1 (or so) Pain & Prayer run for me today. While I can't and won't interpret that to perfection, I'm guessing Mr. Dillon ran with a heavy heart on what must have been a tough day. That said, what an inspiration to keep going and fight through the pain and never give up....I so dearly love that!

While most of the wakes and funerals have passed, a couple of really touching events coming up in the next few days for former Lady Warrior Jenna Bad Hand.

1. Candle Light Vigil for Jenna Bad Hand on Monday, July 25th at 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the K-6 Elementary Commons Area, St. Francis Indian School, St. Francis, SD. Contact Starr Walking Eagle, Becky Eddie Moosman or Laura Marie. Best phone number to contact is 747-2297 x 3216 (This was as of Friday and I haven't heard any changes)

2. WahokizanunpaOhitika Rjtl with Carla A Brave and 49 others. - Calling all athletes If you ever was a teammate of Jenna. If you ever played against Jenna. All sports and teams welcome. Softball, fast pitch, coed, womens, volley ball, basketball. Wear your jersey. We will be having a player roll call Wednesday night July 27 after wake services at SFIS gym.

How great is that? What a wonderful idea...Jenna Bad Hand was a very instrumental figure in SF sport and if Britney larvie's softball recollections of her are accurate she was one hell of a softball player. And she was paying it forward, stepping in to coach the volleyball team last year.....

I see Britney Larvie donated $200 to the Go-Fund me account for Lee and Tami Bad Hand...


Participants in the Billy Mills 5k gunning it uphill early in the race.

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Arizona 2nd year player David Johnson seems to be all the rage in FF drafts this season, going off the board as the No. 2 RB.

By Rich Winter - West Hollywood Roller Bitches

Well, I jumped off my Fantasy Football couch today, figured it was about time and quickly glanced at the RB rankings in CBS sports. I don't know if it was first glance but I saw a ton of uncertainty in that top-10. Frankly, after looking at 11-20 I'm not so sure this is going to be a very interesting draft coming up with a lot of talented backs, some ranked awfully low for what they might produce this season.

So, with that in mind, let's have a little fun this evening.

2015 stats:

David Johnson - 581 yards 8 TD's, 457 receiving (4) TD's

Eddie Lacy - 758 (3) TD's, 188 receiving (2) TD's

Thomas Rawls (13 games) - 830 (4) TD's, 76 receiving (1) TD

Latavius Murray - 1066 yards (6) TD's, 232 yards 

Johnson looks to be a breakout kinda back but what's he going to do as a full time starter.

Lacy might be huge, get huge or just not be himself - I seriously don't know what to make of this chap.

Rawls - If you had him last year you loved him.

Murray - Keeps getting better and Oakland's offensive line is massive and hugely improved.

I guess the point being made here is yes, Johnson and Lacy probably but the gap between both of those guys ranked in the top 10 and Rawls and Murray, both ranked in the 11-20 range isn't that big.

It's about to get interesting.

Follow me @Panicgalore   Going to have a ton of FF stuff coming out...Love input, love discussion and love to hear what you all are thinking out there.

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While the weight room is open at Todd County in the morning....the gym is not. Why is that?

By Rich Winter

Years ago when I first moved to Mission, 2005, Ben Reifel auditorium was the place to be in the summer. Balls were bouncing, kids were balling and Rosebud Haukaas was serving me in the front row during pick-up volleyball matches exposing my weakness as the worst returner in the history of the game.

It was a heck of a, didn't play much basketball, but watched a lot of kids that did and I went up to play volleyball several times a week.

That was then with a full slate of summer-rec programs as the ole gym was rocking with the sounds of balls bouncing, kids laughing and those same kids running around, maybe not getting better, but, at least running around. 

And then it stopped!

While the former summer-rec program cost a lot of money and involved money coming from the school and the tribe and everywhere to keep that program afloat, it simply seems like there was no way to keep it going.

Now, I don't understand all of the ramifications of keeping a gym open in the summer and I'm certainly not bashing those that make these types of decisions. That said, it seems like we have all kinds of kids looking for things to do, an awesome facility, but that awesome facility is closed all summer, and while I haven't looked recently sometimes the rims are even off the baskets.

How do we make that work or is it simply a lost cause. The weight room is open daily and that's a great thing, although it's open for a few hours in the morning and we all know one size does not fit all. Is this a community thing where we could have people volunteer to supervise? Could we maybe have the gym open a couple of nights a week? 

I know I sure wouldn't mind getting a little sweat going while rekindling the love of volleyball again.

Or is it just one more thing we can't have and can't do....