Is this the last run for Vince Carter?

Is this it for Vince Carter?

By Rich Winter

       As I look at that No. 1 vs. No. 8 playoff matchup out west, Dallas vs. San Antonio, I'm perplexed.

      My heart wants to look at this Dallas group as a tested, veteran group that is playing some killer basketball right now. 

        If you didn't watch some of their games down the stretch, you missed Monta Ellis balling out. I love this man's game and I do think he's going to present some problems for the Spurs.

     But cmon, let's not kid ourselves. The Spurs are going to dismantle this group. The Spurs are going to be the Spurs with a new guy stepping it up every night. Popovich is still coaching and Parker is still distributing, and I see this one over in five.

      Which lends itself to a pretty interesting question marks for this team.

      At 37 years of age and with a title not in his immediate future, you gotta wonder if this is it for Vince Carter?

       With his numbers in steady decline over the past five years, 11.9 points per game this year - 2008/2009 being the last year he scored 20 plus per night, unless he really loves the game, it might be time to think about retirement. 

      It's a little strange to me, Vince Carter was once one of the most high-flying, electric scorers in this league. His hops at the NBA dunk contest really made an impression, a decade ago. 

    If his career is coming to an end he would finish with 23190 points, 5634 rebounds, 4242 assists, 1280 steals and 744 blocked shots. (And about 10000 dunks that took a lot of our breath away.

   2001 might have been his best season where he scored nearly 28 points per game.

   The next question might be, is a guy that played all those years and did all those things a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer?

Where will this Mack truck land?

By Rich Winter

    Most of the talk leading up to the NFL draft has either been how freakishly athletic is Jadeveon Clowney is or which quarterback do you wannna put in the top slot this week.

     After watching the Seattle Seahawks bruise their way in a Super Bowl title with a dominant defense last year, one filled with difference makers all over the field, I gotta wonder are there any defensive difference makers in the draft this season?

     I'm seeing this guy Khalil Mack pop up as high as No. 4 on draft boards. 

     Ok, when a guy goes to the University of Buffalo from the Mid American Conference, he's not a name that is going to jump off the page.

  Then you see the tape and you realize this 6-foot-3, 251 beast is a havoc-creating, pass rushing freak. 

     The stats: Redshirted in 2009. Played outside linebacker in a 3-4 for the Bulls, and started all 48 games he played. In '10, played 12 games and recorded 68 tackles, 14.5 for loss and 4.5 sacks with 10 pass breakups and two forced fumbles. In '11, tallied 65-20.5-5.5 with two pass breakups, an interception and five forced fumbles. Was suspended for the '12 season opener against Georgia after he got into a fight with a teammate. On the season, totaled 94-21-8 with two pass breakups and four forced fumbles in 12 games. Was a Butkus Award finalist in '13 when he led the Bulls in tackling for the second year in a row -- registered 100-19-10.5 with seven pass breakups, three interceptions (two returned for touchdowns) and five forced fumbles in 13 games. Team captain. Three-time first-team All-MAC.

   Senior season (2013) - All you need to know is he had 100 tackles, 19 for loss with 10.5 sacks. Add to that he had seven pass break ups, three interceptions (two returned for scores) and five forced fumbles.

     Are you kidding me?

    He is big, fast 4.65 40 and 4.18 shuttle. 

    In a league that is filled with offensive weapons you need a guy that can get to the QB. This guy can get there and then lay the wood when he arrives. 

Scouting report - Outstanding instincts -- locates the ball quickly and is around the ball a lot. Very good body control, bend and balance -- plays on his feet and is seldom on the ground. Developed pass-rush moves (rip, dip and inside counter). Very explosive -- broad jumped 10 feet, 8 inches and boasts a rare 40-inch vertical. Excellent pursuit -- tracks down ball carriers from behind. Sacrifices his body and sells out around piles. Strikes with authority -- hits on the rise, violently jars ball carriers backward on impact and has a knack for dislodging the ball. Highly motivated. Played big vs. better competition (see Ohio State). Can zone drop and buzz to the flat with ease. Highly competitive and energetic. Regularly was the focus of defensive game plans and still produced despite facing multiple blockers and extra protection consistently rolled his way.

   He's a beast that is good at ripping the ball out of the pile

   Weakness: He didn't play against good college competition in the MAC, good, not elite. Mack does tend to play a bit recklessly and out of scheme from time to time. 

The Bottom line: This is a guy that is versatile enough to play defensive end or linebacker. He's got great instincts and he's tough as they come. 

   The Raiders are right in that area where Mack is expected to go. If they don't take Sammy Watkins or he's off the board, I wouldn't be a tad bit offended to have this mack truck donning the silver and black 


After ESPN's 30 for 30 Bad Boys, check out the bad boys of television on Sports Bettors TV

Look at Michael Jordan taking a beating from the Bad Boys of Detroit

After ESPN 30's Bad Boys check out the bad boys of television at Sports Bettors TV

By Rich Winter

With no basketball on the television tonight one might think it's a dead night in the sports world.

Not so fast!

Can't wait to check out ESPN's new 30-30 special, Bad Boys tonight. I believe it airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern.

After I named Chuck Daly as one of the top five NBA coaches of all time.I can't wait to see the Bad Boys in action for what promises to be one of the best 30 for 30's that have been out in while. 

Think about it, if the Bad Boys wouldn't have been around when they were, Michael Jordan might have won ten titles with the Bulls. 

Following that my friends, it's time to check out the Bad Boys of Sports Television at Sports Bettors TV.

Yes they picked UCONN to win the NCAA title, now they're stepping out to give you solid advice regarding the upcoming matchups that are commencing this weekend in the NBA playoffs.

Sports Bettors TV is hoping for 5000, Youtube hits in 24 hours.

This is must see TV as the Bad Boys of Sports Bettors TV lay down some wicked NBA picks.

Ya gotta check this out!

The Baddest Sports Gambler's Community In The World! We are not trying to sell you shit! No picks, no gimmicks just ALL PASSION about a Sports Betting!

The lighter side of track - TCMS and BCMS photo collage

Clarence Winter - Bug eyes...

By Rich Winter

Here are some photos from the lighter side of track!


Red Aurebach is No. 1 on the Sports Instigators top five all-time NBA coaches

By Rich Winter

    As the NBA playoffs get going and we get a look at some of the new coaches out there, it got me to thinking about who the all-tiime great coaches are in this league.

     So I checked around, got a little input and despite a little chatter from Laker land that Phil Jackson is the top guy, there is no other answer other than Boston's Red Aurabach. 

Red Aurebach No. 1

resume - 

Won 938 games (record when he retired)

Won Nine NBA titles in ten years

General Manager - His teams won an additional seven titles. 

  I think Aurebach is not often thought of as the guy who invented the fast break, but he's the one that took it next level. 

   His historical contributions to the game are immense. He drafted the first African American player, Chuck Cooper in 1950. In 1964 he introduced an all-black starting lineup in 1964.

  Red knew the time of day!

No. 2 - Phil Jackson - This dude is one cool cat! The Laker man in my life, White Mamba, said no way is Red better than Phil.

  The numbers are intriguing!

 Phil Jackson resume - 

Won 11 titles

Won two titles as a player (has the record for most combined championships as a player and a coach)

Highest winning percentage ever as a coach (.704

From Wikipedia:

Jackson is known for his use of Tex Winter's triangle offense as well as a holistic approach to coaching that is influenced by Eastern philosophy, earning him the nickname "Zen Master". Jackson cites Robert Pirsig's book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as one of the major guiding forces in his life. He also applies Native American spiritual practices as documented in his book Sacred Hoops.[

     What Phil did by getting guys to accept their role and to redefine the triangle based on the talent around him, in the modern era no less, is pretty remarkable.

      The Zen Master can get anybody to play better.

No. 3 - Gregg Popovich - I just look at what Pop is doing down in San Antonio and no matter the team and no matter the personnel, the Spurs are always good.

     Pat Riley has one more title, but there is no way I'm putting Laker coaches at No. 2 or No. 3. For one thing I think the modern ear it is harder to keep players together because of free agency.

       Popovich has the four titles and he's only lost once while in the finals.

      Pop seems like a guy that understands the ebb and flow of his team and a guy that makes adjustments to his x's and o's like no other coach today. 

Pat Riley - No. 4 - This one gets a little tougher when you start looking at his resume.

     Riley won five titles, all with the Lakers but he made the Knicks really good while he was there. 

    What he has done in Miami is nothing short of outstanding. Some people question whether Eric Spoelstra is really coaching that team...I'm guessing he is, but I'm pretty sure Pat Riley is involved in many aspects of the game.

     I always knock Riley down a peg because he had some immense talent in L.A. and I'm pretty sure if you put Magic Johnson out there as coach the Lakers would have done just fine.

No. 5 - Chuck Daly - With only two titles under his belt I'm probably leap frogging Daly over several worthy candidates.

      For about a ten year stretch the Pistons were really, really good. Problem was the Sixers and Celtics were really good in the early 80's and the Bulls were good in the late 80's. The Pistons repeat against a very good league at the time is pretty impressive.

     I think his involvement with the Dream Team and the Olympic experience proves that he is one of the greatest the league has ever known. 

Honorable mention:

John Kundia - Minneapolis Lakers - five titles

Lenny Wilkens

George Karl

Jerry Sloan

NBA Coaches that have won Championships - Full list
Titles Coach Team Championship
11 Phil Jackson Chicago Bulls 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98
L.A. Lakers 1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2008-09, 2009-10
9 Red Auerbach Boston Celtics 1956-57, 1958-59, 1959-60, 1960-61, 1961-62, 1962-63 1963-64, 1964-65, 1965-66
5 Pat Riley L.A. Lakers 1981-82, 1984-85, 1986-87 1987-88
Miami Heat 2005-06
5 John Kundla Minneapolis Lakers
(now L.A. Lakers)
1948-49, 1949-50, 1951-52, 1952-53, 1953-54
4 Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs 1998-99, 2002-03, 2004-05, 2006-07
2 Bill Russell Boston Celtics 1967-68, 1968-69
2 Red Holzman New York Knicks 1969-70, 1972-73
2 Tom Heinsohn Boston Celtics 1973-74, 1975-76
2 K. C. Jones Boston Celtics 1983-84, 1985-86
2 Chuck Daly Detroit Pistons 1988-89, 1989-90
2 Rudy Tomjanovich Houston Rockets 1993-94, 1994-95
2 Erik Spoelstra Miami Heat 2011-12, 2012-13
2 Alex Hannum St. Louis Hawks
(now Atlanta Hawks)
    Philadelphia 76ers 1966-67
1 Eddie Gottlieb Philadelphia Warriors
(now Golden St. Warriors)
1 Buddy Jeannette Baltimore Bullets
(defunct franchise)
1 Les Harrison Rochester Royals
(now Sacramento Kings)
1 Al Cervi Syracuse Nationals
(now Philadelphia 76ers)
1 George Senesky Philadelphia Warriors
(now Golden St. Warriors)
1 Larry Costello Milwaukee Bucks 1970-71
1 Bill Sharman L.A. Lakers 1971-72
1 Al Attles Golden State Warriors 1974-75
1 Jack Ramsay Portland Trailblazers 1976-77
1 Dick Motta Washington Bullets
(now Washington Wizards)
1 Lenny Wilkens Seattle Supersonics 1978-79
1 Paul Westhead L.A. Lakers 1979-80
1 Bill Fitch Boston Celtics 1980-81
1 Billy Cunningham Philadelphia 76ers 1982-83
1 Larry Brown Detroit Pistons 2003-04
1 Doc Rivers Boston Celtics 2007-08
1 Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks 2010-11

Pete Rose talks baseball for Panic Button - Johny Hustle talks about players using PED"s

By Rich Winter

    So my buddy Chad Whirlwind Soldier here in Mission, South Dakota was in Las Vegas this past weekend, and of course, while we were getting hit with a snowstorm he was sending pictures of the pool and the honeys while I'm locked up here in Antarctica. 

   Monday afternoon on Facebook he hollars at me...."Dude, call me right away."

   "Why, so you can regale me with stories of the pool and the chicks?"

    "No, I'm gonna interview Pete Rose."  


 Not only did Chad Whirlwind Soldier tell Pete Rose about Panic Button and but he asked him two killer questions.

1. Mr. Rose do you ever think you'll make the Hall of Fame?

2. Mr. Rose what do you think of some of these players that have been using PED's and them getting passed over for the Hall?

    His response, epic. "A better person to ask might be Babe Ruth, Roger Maris and Hank Aaron."

     The Holy Grail of baseball records that have all fallen  because of steroids...Rose said there is nothing more sacred that baseball statistics.

    This guy loves the game and he respects it. He made a bad judgement call (I don't see Michael Jordan being banned from anything)...Bout time this guy gets in the HOF.

     To my buddy Chad, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

     To think of me and my blog in that situation just blows my mind. Truly on of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me...

    Bro -  You killed it!

Can the Wiz be the Shizz in the eastern conference playoffs?

Bradley Beal has had a nice season averaging 17 points per game

By Rich Winter

      How about the race going on for position in the eastern conference playoffs tonight?

    I gotta admit I know squat about this Washington Wizards team so I'm hoping to see them in the playoffs and see what this young upstart team is all about. 

    If my calculations are correct, the Wizards are locked in a battle for positing and could finish anywhere from No. 5 through the No. 7 seed depending on what takes place tonight. 

     If you will recall, the Wizards finished the 2013-2014 season with a 29-53 record. They will finish this season with at least 43 wins, 44 if they beat Boston, in Boston.

     As much hype as the Phoenix Suns have gotten, and deservedly so, the Wizards have also, clearly taken multiple steps in the right direction

    With the eastern conference being so streaky and up and down, I'm not sure the Wizards have any kind of legitimate shot at getting to the east semis, but why not, I've certainly seen stranger things.

     With a tandem of young and talented guards, Washington can only get better. 

     Depending on if he keeps improving, Wizards point guard John Wall might be thought of as one of the top three point guards in the very near future. His 19.4 points per game and 8.8 assists this season mean's he's already a top-ten guard. Shooting percentage of 43 percent needs some work.

   Gotta say, I looked at the Wizards stats today and I saw Bradley Beal in there as the second leading scorer. 

    Is it sad for me to admit I looked around and said, who?

   Well, Beal is averaging 17 per game this season. His 42 percent shooting percentage also needs some work, but he is shooting 40 percent from the field this season. 

   A young, athletic, tandem of guards could be problematic for just about anyone. I'm hoping the Wizards get locked in with the Raptors because I want to see one of these young teams take the next step.

     Don't forget about Laker castoff, Trevor Ariza who scores at a 14.4 clip with 6.2 rebounds. Ariza is one of those guys the Lakers probably regret losing, but he does have some playoff experience and that will help these young Wizards as they enter the playoffs. 

 What about big boy, Marcin Gortat in the middle. Another guy that just doesn't blow your socks off with athleticism, but at the end of the day he's contributing 13.2 points and 9.5 rebounds. Like Ariza, he's got playoff experience and could be a factor. 

    And then you have Nene who averages 14.3 points and 5.6 rebounds.

  Decent bench with Martell Webster, Drew Gooden, Al Harrington and Trevor Booker.

  While a lot of people are slinging mud on this year's NBA playoffs, I have to say I'm excited as hell to see some new players and new teams on the big stage.

   If the Wizards can keep the nucleus together and add another piece or two, they could be a team that contends in a year or two. 

     I don't like them matchup up with Chicago and certainly not with the Heat if they fall to that No. 7 seed.

     Wizards vs. Raptors could be one of the most entertaining series' I've looked forward to in years.

   C'mon Wiz, show us your shizz. 

TCMS / SFIS athletes compete at Gregory Track - PHOTOS GALORE

These girls just stomped the crap out of everyone in the 4x200 relay (Despite whining prior to the race)

By Rich Winter

   Dear Todd County and St. Francis Indian School, middle-school parents, you have some really out-standing children.

   Went to a track meet yesterday in Gregory and saw some great performances. The TCMS 7th grade girls just smoked the doors off of everyone in the 4x200 relay.

 Donald Aquallo was a one man wrecking crew as he won the mile (5:08), 800 (2:20) finished 2nd in the long jump and 2nd in the 100 hurdles (hadn't practiced all year).

   Daniel Witt of St. Francis told me the funniest joke I've heard in a while yesterday..still chuckling. (Kid reminds me of me a few years back)

Allright some photos and a brief explanation of what they're doing. 

Raven Cournoyer finished 2nd in the long jump.

Young lady from St. Francis reaches for the pit in her first long jump. 

A young guy from St. Francis getting out hard in the 100 meters.

    The St. Francis crew....Daniel Witt either just told a joke or was picking on a girl...he's got that smile and the gleam in his eye...

 Donald Aquallo studded out beyond belief yesterday....36 team points and two gold medals.

 Sixth grader Kelsey Herman just crushed the field in the 800 and 1600. She ran a 5:52 1600 which would have won the 8th grade division also. She's gonna be special folks. 

 St. Francis getting it done in the 1600 meter run (That rhymes you know)

  Felt bad for Bryce Hammer here in the 400 meters. He's two steps from the finish and the kid from Bennett County ran a 67 and finished 2nd. Bryce was one step behind him and somehow he was credited with a 75. Coach Winter went through three official protests and a ham sandwich but could not get the verdict recovered. Hammer didn't place officially, but he crushed it from where I was looking. (More arms big fella - Look at the BC kid...)

  Pauline Murray is one of the guttiest young runners I've seen in a while. She goes out hard and has no fear. Just love her effort in practice and on the track. 

   This one, cranky galore before the 4x200....(I hate that race) Then she won...(I love that race). 

How much does a healthy Andrew Bogut mean to the Golden State Warriors?

Andrew Bogut has a fractured rib and is out indefinitely

By Sports Instigator, Rich Winter

     News from the Golden State camp yesterday that starting center Andrew Bogut will be out indefinitely with a fractured rib is certainly not good news for the Warriors as they get set to embark on a playoff run.

     While his 7.3 points per game can certainly be made up in other areas, the ten rebounds and 1.8 blocked shots is something the Warriors are perhaps going to have to work around. 

  Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle sent out two tweets reflecting just how serious this rib injury is. 

1. Rusty Simmons @Rusty_SFChron - Bogut said he initially injured his rib Thursday and took another shot Sunday that put it over the top.

2. Bogut said he's been advised that the rib is too close to the right lung -- risking a puncture -- to play through the pain.

A broken rib for anyone to play basketball with would be a challenge. For a big man that gets bumped and jostled on nearly every trip on both ends of the court, and one that's been advised the rib is too close to the lung, this might be devastating news to the Warriors playoff chances.

If you'll look back to last season's first-round playoff series where the Warriors got past Denver 4-2, Bogut came up huge in the deciding game.

In that 92-88 series clinching win over the Nuggets, Bogut recorded his first career double-double with 21 rebounds and 14 points. I've enclosed a little video clip from that game six win in which the commentators said and I quote, "How much does Andrew Bogut mean to this team when he's healthy."

If memory serves the Warriors played a lot of small ball in that series and that's something you might keep your eyes on here as the playoff matchups are announced.

The Warriors finish the season at Denver and head coach Mark Jackson says a good share of his starters likely won't play in that game.

Reports are that Bogut is in a sling and no timetable has been given for his return.

Seems like this guy has been hurt, and hurt at crucial times, during an injury filled career.

Do the Dodgers have the best starting rotation in baseball?

By Rich Winter

      Bunch of teams in MLB have gotten off to great starts this season, most noticeably the Milwaukee Brewers. While the pitching staff for the Brewers has gotten off to a fantastic start as fellow blogger Jake Elman (@JakeElman) pointed out yesterday, I don't expect that at the end of the season we'll be talking about them as the best starting rotation in baseball. 

     Atlanta and Washington have gotten off to great starts and both have excellent pitching staffs.

    Oakland 9-4 has gotten off solidly, they have great starting pitchers. Detroit's top three are phenomenal but the Tigers are only 6-4 to start the season.

    @heavensfart told me yesterday it was hands down the Yankees, although a 7-6 start by the Bronx bombers has me thinking we'll have to see on the Yanks.

    The Dodgers are 9-4 heading into tonight's game at San Francisco with Dan Haren (2-0, 2.04 ERA and 15 k's) going for the big blue.

   I like the Dodgers starting rotation as the best in baseball, especially when Clayton Kershaw, 1-0 1.35 ERA comes off the disabled list. 

  Fact - The Dodgers had the best rotation ERA in the majors last season. 

  Kershaw is an absolute beast with that herky-jerky motion of his. Bad back has me a little concerned as you would hate to see that linger into May or longer.

  Zack Greinke pitched like an ace last year with that 2.63 ERA. He's off to another solid start this season with a 3-0 record and a 2.76 ERA. 

  Hyun-Jin Ryu was 14-8 last season with a 3.00 ERA. He's 2-0 thus far with a lower ERA of 2.57

  Dan Haren - A lot of people wondered about how much this cat had left in the tank. He had a solid second half last year with the Nationals and he's off to a smoking start with that 2-0 start heading into the game with the Giants tonight.

   After that it's a crapshoot at that No. 5 starter position. Josh Beckett looked terrible in the only game he started and Paul Maholm got roughed up in his only start.

    I figure the Dodgers will pick up some kind of option for that No. 5 starter although I'm sure they are hoping that Beckett figures it out and gets healthy. 

  I like the two lefties in that lineup to really mix things up for the opposition. I like the speed, I like the breaking stuff that these guys have and I like the age and experience that this top five rotation bring to the table. 

Other contenders with an expected starting five and last year's team ERA

2. Detroit Tigers - Detroit Tigers (3.44 ERA, .248/.302/.357, 25.3 WAR) 

Rotation: Max ScherzerJustin VerlanderAnibal SanchezRick PorcelloDrew SmylyJose Alvarez, Robbie Ray 

3. Washington Nationals (3.60 ERA, .247/.300/.385, 13.4 WAR) 
Rotation: Stephen StrasburgJordan ZimmermannGio GonzalezDoug FisterRoss Detwiler,Tanner RoarkNate Karns 

4. St. Louis Cardinals (3.42 ERA, .250/.311/.371, 13.6 WAR) 
Rotation: Adam WainwrightShelby MillerMichael WachaLance LynnJaime GarciaJoe Kelly,Carlos Martinez 

5. New York Yankees (4.08 ERA, .267/.320/.418, 14.8 WAR) 

Rotation: CC SabathiaHiroki Kuroda, Masahiro Tanaka, Ivan NovaDavid PhelpsMichael Pineda,Adam Warren 

6. The Chicago Cubs - Just kidding.