Nelson and Heinz expected to duel for South Dakota Class B crown

Ipswich will look to defend it's 2013 cross country title.
Laura Nelson of Gayville-Volin could have some company near the front of the pack, most likely Ipswich athlete Macy Heinz who finished 3rd a year ago.

By Rich Winter

       I had to look no further than the Augie Meet of Champions this season to really realize how good Laura Nelson of Gayville-Volin is.

      Yes, she's a Class B athlete, but how would she fare when she ran into the AA girls on the big stage?

     Quite nicely - In fact, she crushed them all, running a time of 15:34 on a legitimate course against big-time competition.

      Nelson is the defending Class B State champion. 

      In 2013, she defeated all-comers in the B ranks, running a 15:06 to lead her teammate, Genevieve Clark who finished 2nd a year ago. 

      Trailing them, in third place was Ipswich athlete, Macy Heinz who clocked a 15:51. 

       Heinz, you'll recall from the state track meet last spring, won the 100, 400, 800 and 1600.

        Heinz has been ripping the competition she's run against this season and at the Region meet last week, she uncorked a big one. 

       The Ipswich sophomore crossed the line in 14:20 to lead a 1, 2, 3 finish by Ipswich.

        It's always hard to compare times and courses, I just know we have two Division 1 athletes that are going to be toeing the line on Saturday in Huron. I expect these two to have a grueling and hard-fought race. On paper, Nelson is the favorite because she turned back all-comers at a big, AA meet. Heinz though, is one of the most talented athletes we've seen in the Class B ranks, maybe EVER!

       Great race folks. If you're there to watch a different class race, make sure you attend the girls B final because it could be special!

     Let's check out the top-3 from the other Regions.

    Region 1

1st - McKayla Zirbel - Summit - 15:58

2nd - Alley Boomsma - Wolsey/Wessington - 16:14

3rd - Julie Lowen - James Valley Christian - 16:34

Region 2 - 

Ashlyn Deknikker - Lake Preston - 16:13

Christina Vogel - St. Mary's Catholic - 16:15

Ellie Tuschen - Hanson - 16:16

Region 3

1st - Laura Nelson - Gayville-Volin - 15:01

2nd - Gevevieve Clark - Gayville-Volin - 15:45

3rd - Cailey Roth - Freeman - 15:50

Region 4 

1st - Macy Heinz - Ipswich - 14:20

2nd - Tori Moore - Ipswich - 15:00

3rd - Aleah Steger - Ipswish - 15:11

Region 5

1st - Ellie Coyle - Philip - 16:09

2nd - Delaney Leber - Newell - 16:35

3rd - Katlin Knutson - Philip - 16:58

    While the team race look's to be Ipswich's to lose, don't be surprised to see Gayville-Volin right with them. Elianna Clark, a GV 9th grader finished 9th at the Region meet with a time of 16:51. She's have to get up in the top-20 and Nelson and Clark would likely need to go 1st and 2nd at the top.

     Should be a great race, here's a look at last year's top 25. 

1 1 38 Laura Nelson 9 Gayville-Volin 15:06.03 6:05

2 2 36 Genevieve Clark 10 Gayville-Volin 15:39.98 6:19

3 1 54 Macy Heinz 9 Ipswich 15:51.68 6:23

4 1 95 Hannah Flatt 9 Potter County 15:57.03 6:26

5 2 55 Taylor Loken 11 Ipswich 16:01.28 6:27

6 3 56 Tori Moore 11 Ipswich 16:04.08 6:28

7 1 2 Janae Sampson 12 Arlington 16:05.83 6:29

8 1 19 Anna Wolles 12 Dell Rapids St. Mary 16:18.68 6:34

9 1 88 Ellie Coyle 10 Philip 16:22.33 6:36

10 1 32 Rebecca Eberts 10 Freeman 16:24.63 6:37

11 4 57 Aleah Steger 7 Ipswich 16:25.98 6:37

12 1 63 Rachel Buxcel 11 Jones County 16:26.03 6:37

13 1 85 Josie Clemens 9 Northwestern 16:26.98 6:38

14 1 74 Quinn Lulf 9 Lyman 16:27.93 6:38

15 1 93 Reganne Engebretson 10 Platte-Geddes 16:30.83 6:39

16 5 53 Bailey Hammrich 7 Ipswich 16:31.08 6:39

17 1 100 Savannah Huntley 11 Rapid City Christian 16:31.68 6:39

18 1 84 Mandee Williamson 8 Newell 16:32.63 6:40

19 2 87 Peyton Groft 8 Northwestern 16:33.73 6:40

20 1 23 Heidi Stoltenburg 10 Elkton-Lake Benton 16:34.38 6:41

21 1 106 Kelsey Vandenhemel 10 Stanley County 16:34.63 6:41

22 1 60 Khiree Held 10 James Valley Christian 16:35.98 6:41

23 1 119 Makayla Zirbel 8 Waubay/summit 16:37.33 6:42

24 1 5 Lexie Fernau 8 Burke/south Central 16:39.03 6:42 

Fantasy - No duel RB's in Buffalo, Dixon is THE MAN!

With both Buffalo running backs going down, Anthony Dixon could be a late season steal in FF.

By Rich Winter

        Oh I feel sorry for CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson owners. 

         It was a pucker every week just to decide which one of them was going to be starting and now that pucker is gone because so are they.

         Spiller went down with a broken collar-bone. No timetable on his return, but Dr. Winter here says no way he plays again this year.

         Fred Jackson went down with a groin-pull, and while the games likely missed total hasn't been released, I'm guessing by the amount of squirming and yelling around he exhibited getting off the field, this is no 2-week thing.

      If you're near the top of the waiver-wire you gotta target Anthony Dixon. 

      Most of his career this guy has been Frank Gore's backup.

      His highest yardage total for a season in any NFL year was 237 in 2010. 

       This season with Buffalo 27-137 with zero td's.

        Sunday vs. the Bills - 13-51.

         With no duel running-back tandem to suck the life out of your FF scoring, Anthony Dixon looks like a solid add this week. He's been a career backup but so was Rashad Jennings and this is Dixon's moment to show he's a good NFL back.

      His next contract completely depends on whatever game auditions he gets over the next few weeks. 

     No way Spiller ever steps foot on the field in Buffalo again.

     Fred Jackson, bad groin - Maybe see you in late November but still? 

     If you're looking for depth or you're struggling at RB, here's a chance to get a whole lot better late in the season!

Fantasy - Tre Mason is this week's waiver-wire gem of the week!

Tre Mason looked every bit a starting NFL running back Sunday against the Seahawks. He is this week's No. 1 waiver-wire pickup in fantasy football.

By Rich Winter

     I was watching St. Louis's game with San Francisco a week ago and I thought to myself, 'Why aren't the Rams playing this guy more?"

     Against the Niners I thought Mason looked like a smaller version of Marshawn Lynch. The cat ran hard and put his head down and bowled over people. Against the Rams that night, Mason carried the rock 5-40. Hmmmm, eight yards per carry!

     Well, against the Hawks with an ailing Zac Stacy on the bench, the running back took over and dominated that Seahawks defense. 

     Vs. the Seahawks - 18-85 with 1 touchdown.

     Why Mason didn't see action in the first five games, I don't know, but I can guarantee you he's going to see action for the remainder of this season.

     The thing with a back like Mason that runs hard is he breathes life into a lifeless Rams team. When his teammates see him putting his head down and just battering the Legion of Boom the way he did yesterday, they play harder.

     I like that!!

     Zac Stacy this season: 61-240 (3.9 average) 1 td, 12-115 with zero td's receiving.

      Call it how you like it, Stacy was not getting it done for the Rams this year.

      Mason yesterday gave his team life as the Rams bounced the defending Super Bowl Champs.

      Late season No. 1 RB's like this don't come along very often. If you're dead last in your league, this is the guy to pick up. 

      Get him now, this is like the Ronnie Hillman pick up a week ago. Hillman is the man in Denver now and Mason is soon to be the man in St. Louis. 

Money Ball - Who catches the record-breaking TD from Manning today?

Peyton Manning is poised to become the game's all-time greatest gun-slinger if he throws for three touchdown passes against San Fran today.

By Rich Winter

     It has been fun watching Peyton Manning creep up on Brett Favre's career touchdown record in the NFL. This is no tired veteran trying to hang on in the twilight of his career to hope that he breaks record. I argue that Peyton Manning is playing the best football of his career and if he chooses, could put that touchdown record so far out of reach, it may not be broken, EVER!

      Had a brief phone conversation with my good buddy, Colombe Dynasty this morning. Dynasty suggest that San Francisco is going to go into Denver and win the game today and that Peyton Manning will not get the record today.

      What? Blasphemy from someone who lives in Denver...maybe he's just yanking my chain.

     Yes, San Francisco has a great defense, but so did Arizona a few weeks back and Manning carved them up like sliced bread.

     I haven't really been following Manning's assault on this record. No need to listen to reporters ask all the questions about how this game feels and what the record will mean to Manning and such.

      I expect Manning to be great today.

     Nothing like putting a record in the rear-view mirror and doing it in style.

    The weather should be good in Denver and Manning has so many options to choose from. I expect Denver to skip the goal-line carries and give Manning a few passing attempts near the goal line to go after that record.

    Manning is not limping into this record, he's assaulting it.

     So, who will get the record breaker? Which FF guy will get it done for you today.

     Smart money says Julius Thomas because he's been Manning's red-zone, go-to guy.

     For Historical purposes, it might be Wes Welker.

       It could be Emmanuel Sanders on a deep ball!

     It could be Ronnie Hillman on a dump-off. 

     My money says it's going to be DeMaryius Thomas. Denver's No.1 WR and one of the best in the game has gotten going after a few sub-par weeks early.

    Make no mistake, Manning is getting that record today!

  Might even be in the first half.

Kuntz, Brown Wolf, Keckler and Gunville headed to state cross country

The Lady Braves of CEB just before the start of Thursday's Region meet in Chamberlain.

By Rich Winter

      Right before the start of Thursday's Region meet, I asked Kernit Grimshaw to make sure he shot CEB. I shouldn't have worried, Grimshaw has some pretty good ties with the folks up at CEB and he would have taken CEB photos regardless. 

     The kids know him, they like him, and most importantly they smile for him.

      The CEB Braves will be sending four athletes to the state cross country meet in Huron this Saturday, two young ladies and two young men. On the boy's side, Charles Kuntz finished 14th while teammate Elijah Brown Wolf finished 17th.

      In order for athletes to qualify for the state cross country meet, they must either be on one of the top-3 teams from Regions or they have to finish in the top-20 as individuals.

       The Lady Braves will be sending two athletes to the state meet.  Dawnee Keckler finished in 17th place and Ranger Gunville claimed the last individual slot with a 20th place finish. 

    Two Lady Braves just missed going to state as Xandria Norris and Ivy Norris finished 22nd and 23rd respectively. 

Boys individual results:

1st - Tobias Weddell - TCHS - 16:37

14th - Charles Kuntz - 18:30

17th - Elijah Brown Wolf 18:33

31st - Kenran Bowker - 20:01

34th - Kirklin Ducheneaus - 20:43

46th - Max Lawrence - 22:54

CEB finished 4th in the team standings. 

Girls individual results:

1st - Kelsie Herman - Todd County - 15:26

17th - Dawnee Keckler  - 17:24

20th - Ranger Gunville - 17:27

22nd - Xandria Norris - 17:37

23rd - Ivy Norris - 17:45

38th - Tori Jensen - 21:15

    The Lady Braves finished 6th in the team standings.

All photos courtesy of Kernit Grimshaw