Ameer Abullah having big day against Rutgers!!

10 -134 with two touchdowns in the first half against Rutgers.

By Rich Winter

       Nebraska RB Ameer Abdullah came into today's game with Rutgers as the 4th leading rusher in Division 1 College football.

      By the end of the day, I'm guessing he moves up that list. 

      In the first half alone, Abdullah has broken off two long touchdown runs, 53 and 48 as the Huskers have jumped out to a 21-7 lead.

      First half already, 14 carries for 143 yards and two touchdowns. 

     You get the feeling Nebraska is going to win this one easily and you might see Abdullah approach 300 yards.

     Just saying!

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Winged Lions look to take a bite out of Waterford in Utah 2A soccer finals

Rowland Hall and Waterford split during the regular season. Today, they meet for the Utah, 2A state soccer championship.

By Rich Winter

       The 2A state soccer championship today at Rio Tinto stadium will have a bit of a familiar feel to it. 

        Waterford and Rowland Hall both play in the rugged 2A North division of 2A soccer and the pair met twice during the regular season.

        On Sep. 4, Waterford defeated Rowland Hall, 5-3 as Emily Mcintyre pushed across two goals. She had help from her teammates as Caroline Coats, Katie Wood and Lexi Shreeve each contributed goals for the Ravens. 

    On Sep. 25, Rowland Hall turned the tables on Waterford's home field and ended up winning 4-2. This time it was Mariah Papic who scored two goals but she got plenty of help from teammates Jessica Sterrett and Lizzy Baer who each scored a goal for the Winged Lions. 

      Something has to give today when the two teams meet up at 2:00 p.m.

     Waterford stormed through the early rounds of the tournament defeating South Sevier 8-0 and American Leadership 7-0. 

    Things got a little tougher in the semis yesterday.

     Emily McIntyre headed in a corner kick in the sixth minute and then teammate Madeline Morrill tacked on a goal two minutes later as Waterford raced to an early lead and never looked back for the 2-0 victory at Jordan High School.

“Everybody wants to start out like we did where you just explode. I think they were stunned for whatever reason,” said Dolbin. “That obviously changed later and they settled in and it was a very close game on both sides."

       Interesting that Rowland Hall defeated Parowan by the indentical score of 2-0 in a semi played yesterday at Jordan high school. 

    Coach Bobby Kennedy said his players looked nervous in the program’s first semifinal appearance since 2009, and rarely played the style of soccer they are accustomed to.

Despite those frequent nerves, however, Rowland Hall did enough over the 80 minutes at Jordan High School to slip past Parowan, 2-0, to advance to Saturday’s 2-0 championship game.

“We try to keep it on the ground, it just looked harder because they put us under pressure. They’re athletic kids. I don’t know if we played more than four passes together as a team in the second half, and most of those were out of the air, so that was frustrating,” said Kennedy.

Is Nate Orchard the most disruptive force in college football?

Utah's Nate Orchard leads the country in sacks.

By Rich Winter

      As the No. 19 Utes get set to take on No. 20 USC, up on the hill, I'm excited for the rest of the country to get a look at these 5-1 Utes and the defensive end, Nate Orchard, that is making Pac-12 offensive coordinators pull their hair out. 

     Nate Orchard, who?

      Just watch the game people, you'll know afterwards!

     If not, ask UCLA quarterback, Brett Hundley, who Orchard sacked four times as the Utes defeated the Bruins on the road.

     In fact, Orchard is having an All-American kind of season for a Utah defense that seems to have that pre, Pac-12 swagger back into their game. 

    Orchard is second in the country with 11 sacks, and that is of course, after just six games. Could this man seriously put up 20 or more sacks for the Utes.

     Don't bet against the former Highland high school star that led his Rams to an improbable state title his senior year. 

       At 6-feet-4 and 255 pounds, Orchard might need to beef up for the NFL a bit, but he's having the kind of year that puts him in the conversation as an upper-tier, first-round pick. This kid is as athletic as they come, (Very good basketball player in high school), he's got a quick first-step, is strong enough to bull rush people and he has the ability to stay home and play solid, fundamental defense. 

    I argue that today's game vs. USC might be the biggest game in Utah history as the Utes try to go 6-1 and put themselves in real contention for a Pac-12 south title bid. 

     If USC is unaware of this kid, they won't be by the end of the game.

    Go get em Nate!

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Nate Orchard sacked UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley four times as the Utes beat UCLA in L.A.


Who are your top-5 (All-time) NBA players you would pay to see play?

Throughout all time and history, Bill Russell would be the No. 1 player on my list of players to see.

By Rich Winter

        If I had a time machine and could go back and watch the all-time greats in the NBA, here is my list...You can call it Mount Rushmore, you can call it silly, you can say I'm biased but at the end of the day, these are the guys I'd pay money to see play.

1. Bill Russell - Take a look at the man's resume - Honors: Elected to Naismith Basketball Basketball Hall of Fame (1975); NBA champion (1957, '59, '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, '68, '69); NBA MVP (1958, '61, '62, '63, '65);

All-NBA First Team (1959, '63, '65); All-NBA Second Team (1958, '60, '61, '62, '64, '66, '67, '68); NBA All-Defensive Team (1969); 12-time NBA All-Star (1958-69); All-Star Game MVP (1963); One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996); Olympic gold medalist (1956).

The man averaged 22.5 rebounds per game...FOR HIS CAREER! He also averaged 4.3 assists per game over that career. Not only did he win 11 titles but he did it in a time where times were tough for African American players. In addition to his basketball prowess, I think Russell brought us forward as people on our thoughts about race. Player-coach for an African American player in those days...GET OUTA here!

Jordan elevated the game to new heights.

2. Michael Jordan - Never saw Jordan play in person but on television a bunch of times. Watched (hungover like a mother) the day he dropped 63 on the Celtics in the playoffs, in Boston Garden. Jordan took the game to new heights and made people interested in the dunk. Just his ferocity on the court and his desire to win was something very rare in the game.

3. Magic Johnson - 

Magic Johnson changed the game and he might be a better businessman than he was a player.

      Yes Laker fans I have Magic rated above Bird. Isn't that how all lists go through time and history anyway? It took me a long time to appreciate Magic Johnson, mostly because I spent the entire 80's hating this guy's guts. Still, Johnson took the game to new levels, below the rim levels, but the up-tempo Showtime of the Lakers changed the way the game is played.

      Magic has done so many good off-the-court things since his retirement. I think him stepping forward and putting a face to HIV and Aids really prompted this country to stop thinking about AIDS as a gay-disease. Magic Johnson, truly one of the all-time greats.

4 - Oscar Robertson - 

Honors: Elected to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1980); NBA champion (1971); NBA MVP (1964); Nine-time All-NBA First Team (1961-69); All-NBA Second Team (1970, '71); Rookie of Year (1961); 12-time All-Star (1961-72); All-Star MVP (1961, '64, '69); One of 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996); Olympic gold medalist ('60).

Oh to see that 1961-1962 season, that I would pay money for. People label LeBron James as the best all-around player in the game today but isn't he little-O compared to the Big 0?

    1951-1962 - Oscar Robertson, the "Big O," is the player against whom all others labeled "all-around" are judged, and he may remain the standard forever. Statistically, one need look no further than the numbers Robertson put up in 1961-62, just his second year in the league: 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists per game-an average of a triple-double for an entire season.

     12.5 rebounds and 11.4 assists per game - Are you kidding me...with 30.8 points per game. Probably the best all-around season in NBA history. 

5. Mr. Clutch - Jerry West

Honors: Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame (1980); NBA Finals MVP (1969); NBA Champion (1972); All-NBA First Team (1962-'67, '70-'73); All-NBA Second Team (1968, '69); NBA All-Defensive Team (1970-73); NBA Champion (1972); 14-time NBA All-Star (1961-'74); NBA All-Star MVP (1972); Olympic gold medalist (1960); NBA 35th Anniversay Team (1980); One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).

I know me and I know that had I been alive to watch Jerry West in college at West Virginia, I would have been rooting for him. Don't know if I'd be rooting for him as a Laker, (perish the thought), but I certainly would have wanted to see this man ball-out. 

    During his 14-year playing career with the Los Angeles Lakers, West became synonymous with brilliant basketball. He was the third player in league history to reach 25,000 points (after Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson). He was an All-Star every year of his career and led Los Angeles to the NBA Finals nine times. He left the game holding records for career postseason scoring and the highest average in a playoff series.

West's statistical record only begins to tell his story. When the chips were down, West, with his lightning-quick release, was the guy the Lakers turned to for the big basket. Many players have been tagged with the nickname "Mr. Clutch," but none of them lived up to it as well as West did. He was responsible for perhaps the most famous buzzer-beater of all time: a 60-foot swish that tied Game 3 of the 1970 NBA Finals against the New York Knicks.

No. 6 - Larry Bird - 

Yes, I know this is No. 6 but Bird was my all-time favorite player so of course he makes the list.

Honorable mention - Which all come from contributors on my Facebook Page - 

Steve Max Plank Wilt, Jordan, mail man, Vince Carter, shaq

Dana Cook Jordan, earl manifault, Julius Erving,wilt chamberlain, Larry bird

Michael D. Hammer -  Jordan, Lebron, Koby, Bill Russel, Larry Bird, Magic (That's six Hammer)

Roger Smith Wilt, Jordan, Oscar Robertson, Lebron, Kobe

Jonny Soxx Kevin Nixon (Ummmm, who?)

Joseph Budd Jordan, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain.

Curtis Smith Wilt Chamberlain, Dr. J, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Pete Maravich

Jay Waln Jordan, Kobe, Magic, The Dr, and Bird.

Tanner Colombe Dr. J, Nate Archibald, Larry Bird, Dominique, and Shawn Kemp. Best list ever Richard

Shawn Kemp: Really Clay and Tanner Colombe?

Who are the top-5 current NBA players you would pay money to see?

I will be loudly rooting against LeBron James this year, but I'll secretly be cheering for him to win a title in Cleveland. LeBron tops my list of current NBA players I'd pay money to see.

By Rich Winter

      My buddy Colombe Dynasty, who lives in Denver, was tellling me the other day that he has tickets to see LeBron James when he comes to Denver. Seems like his tickets are fourth row or something which got me to thinking about who I would pay good money to see in the current NBA as it stands at the moment.

1. LeBron James - I did not like LeBron's decision to go to Miami and the way he did it. Somewhere in the middle of last year's playoffs I stopped hating on LeBron and just started watching him play. LeBron James is so skilled in so many areas, I just can't think of another player that I'd like to see more. He's big, he's explosive and he plays the game the right way by getting his teammates involved. I hope beyond all hope that King James brings a title back to Cleveland this year. 

While everyone is throwing dirt on Kobe's basketball coffin already, he's still one of the top draws in the NBA and the No. 2 player on my list of current athletes I'd pay money to see.

No. 2 - Kobe Bryant - I love that everyone is already saying the west is too tough for the Lakers to make the playoffs and that Kobe Bryant is over-the-hill and done. I don't know how many wins Kobe is worth but the NBA will find a way to get him into the playoffs. Seems like this man has always been compared to Jordan. Under that withering microscope, Kobe Bryant has willed his teams to 5 titles and done so by racking up ridiculous scoring totals, even late in his career. One of the all-time greats, who might be in slight decline, I would pay money to see Kobe torch the Jazz in person one more time. 

I know I'm supposed to say Kevin Durant here but for my money, Russell Westbrook is far more exciting to watch than anyone else in the NBA.

No. 3 - Russell Westbrook - Through time and history I can't think of a 6-foot-4 point guard that is as explosive as Russell Westbrook. Yes, I might pay money to see him and he could go 8-24 from the field, or, I could pay money and watch him go 18-24 from the field. Either way, I'm getting my money's worth when I go to see one of the most explosive and dynamic players in the game today. Yes, I know Kevin Durant is the PC choice here but he's too smooth, too laid back. If I'm buying, I want to see a guy who either looks like the whole world is against him or a guy this is fist-pumping galore because he did something so cool, my NBA cool-meter broke. 

I would pay good money to see Anthony Davis based solely on what he's going to do as the franchise player for New Orleans.

4. Anthony Davis - New Orleans - Watched quite a bit of this guy on the World Championship team this summer and I gotta say, I like what I saw. I'm excited to see how far Anthony Davis comes this year and if he can hoist that team onto his back and make it into the playoffs. This pick is based more on seeing a guy who I think is a HOF'er in the early stages of his career. I don't know if he'll get the titles that Tim Duncan has or reach 30-thousand points but I think he's going to be great. 

This is more of a reward for all this man, Tim Duncan, has done for the game.

5. I'm a bit of an old-school guy and the pick of Tim Duncan is largely ceremonious for all he's contributed to the game. Would love to go to a game early and just watch ole Tim Duncan warm up and see what he does to get his body ready. Tim Duncan has been one of the all-time greats at his position and the fact that he's bought into Popovich's system and reduces his minutes, yet still contributes...That's cool.

Honorable mention:

Stef Curry

Blake Griffin

Rajon Rondo