Fantasy - Is Denver TE Jacob Tamme worth adding this week?

Julius Thomas likely to not play Sunday and that makes Jacob Tamme an intriguing one-week addition to your FF roster.

By Rich Winter

Some good and bad news from Denver this morning in regards to the availability of injured players Emmanuel Sanders and Julius Thomas.

The good news is it looks like Emmanuel Sanders will pass the concussion protocol and be allowed on the field Sunday.

The bad news is that it looks like Julius Thomas is a game-time decision. I’m guessing that means the Broncos are likely going to hold Thomas out and that my friends, especially those that play in tight-end leagues, a real opportunity to do some damage this week by picking up Jacob Tamme.

2014 stats: 10 catches, 88 yards and 2 td’s

Yeah, I wouldn’t add him either but this might be the perfect one-week add to slap your opponent around with some creative thinking at the TE position.

Why should you add him?

1. Peyton Manning throws TD’s to his TE’s – 40-426, 12 td’s

2. Peyton Manning is familiar with Tamme and given the one-start situation, will likely go his way more than a few times.

3. Denver is a little banged up in the passing game with Emmanuel Sanders coming off that concussion. If I’m Miami I’m trying to shut down D. Thomas and that means free roaming of the middle for Tamme.

4. Denver has to be a little pissed after losing last week and I’m guessing that despite the injuries they come out and lay the wood to the Dolphins.

Love this pick up, and love it to pieces.

Yes, it’s only one week but won’t you look like the Super Genius when Tamme produces.

Sports Instigator predictions: 5-75, 2 td’s – Just saying!

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Why did Adrian Peterson choose NOW to sell out?

After the NFL MAN (Roger Goodell scorned Adrian Peterson, the Vikings RB bowed down and apologized.

By Rich Winter

Interesting news this morning that suspended Vikings RB, Adrian Peterson is suddenly remorseful for his involvement in injuring his son with a switch.

“I WILL NEVER USE A SWITCH AGAIN” Reads the headlines all over the place this morning.

And now suddenly Adrian Peterson is contrite, just like the MAN, Roger Goodell, wanted him to be.

And suddenly he’s an expert on child rearing.

"I won't ever use a switch again," Peterson said. "There's different situations where a child needs to be disciplined as far as timeout, taking their toys away, making them take a nap. There's so many different ways to discipline your kids."

Peterson added that he would "love to go back and play" for the Vikings, "but if there's word out that hey, they might release me, then so be it. I would feel good knowing that I've given everything I had in me."

The news this morning follows the letter from Commish Goodell that scorned Peterson for his actions:

News flash: Whoever is advising Adrian Peterson needs to have their head examined.

Such a joke this statement is from Adrian Peterson and such a sell-out also. This whole suspension and even court proceedings could have been avoided if Peterson would have come to the table contrite in the first place.

If Peterson had just taken the deal in the first place and come out with remorse right away, he’d already be back on the field.

Now, his apologies and recognition just come off as shallow and hollow.

The Commish comes in and tells you to be contrite and suddenly you’re contrite – What? Who’s buying that?

Why did Peterson choose now to Sell out?

He’s already been suspended for the rest of the season. It’s not like Goodell is going to reverse that decision now, and even if he did, no way Peterson sees the field again this season.

Peterson just lost all credibility for me:

This whole situation blows for everyone involved. Adrian Peterson made a mistake but he was simply repeating a mistake his father made with him…It happens.

I thought Peterson was going to lock in against the NFL and take a stand. He did what he did and didn’t apologize quite the way the NFL wanted. I thought he had a legitimate argument to stand up to the Commish and the NFL and fight for his rights to get on the field and do what he did.

Instead, he sold out, apologized to the man and completely under-cut any reason for the NFL to take the NFLPA appeal seriously.


Raider Nation - Why don't the Raiders use Marcel Reese more?

After Latavius Murray went down with a concussion, Marcel Reese seemed to give the Raiders a lift with eight carries for 37 yards. Why doesn't he touch the ball more?

By Rich Winter

A few years back when glass-jaw, Darren McFadden, was nursing some kind of hang-nail injury, and my FF roster was devoid of ANY talent at the RB position I was forced to pick up Marcel Davis for a couple of weeks.

If memory serves he performed better than expected and won me a game or two while I was forced to play him.

In last night’s win over the Chiefs, after Latavius Murray went down with a concussion and the Raider running game bogged down, AGAIN, behind Maurice Jones-Drew and Darren McFadden, Reese came off the bench and provided a spark with eight carries for 37 yards.

To all of Raider Nation and anyone else that wants to listen, can someone explain to me why Marcel Reese doesn’t, and hasn’t, gotten more touches during his Raider career?

2014 Stats going into last night’s game: 5-23 rushing and 18-95 receiving.

Vs. the Chiefs – 8-37 rushing and 1-8 receiving.

Reese is averaging 4.3 yards per carry on the season, a tad more than Darren McFadden.

Seriously, why doesn’t this guy touch the ball more?

He’s an excellent receiver out of the back-field with above average hands. While he’s not going to run away from anyone on the field, he’s got good feet, a quick first step and he’s a load to bring down as evidenced by a career 4.7 yards per carry.

I’m not sure if Marcel Reese is going to be part of the upcoming Oakland Raider house-cleaning, but I’d like to see him utilized a little more coming down the stretch.

If ya can’t tell by now, I’m not high on Darren McFadden.

If McFadden doesn’t touch the field the rest of the year I would be more than happy.

With an emerging Latavius Murray and good old reliable Marcel Reese the rest of the way, this Raider fan would be happy!

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FF - Must add Latavius Murray to your roster ASAP!

What Latavius Murray was doing on the bench all season only the Oakland Raiders coaching staff knows. Don't make that mistake and pick this guy up immediately.

By Rich Winter

Oh the night that Latavius Murray would have had on Thursday Night Fooball had he not had to leave the game with a concussion.

My friends, this third-year back had just four carries last night, but man did he make them count.

Murray vs. Chiefs – 4-112 with (2) touchdowns (24 FF points in my league).

Four carries and 112 yards, where have you been Latavius Murray?

(More like, what were the Raider coaches thinking by sticking with those two stiffs Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew, but that’s for another day).

Normally I would not be sold on a guy that goes for a flyer this late in the season but if you look at the last two weeks, it is time to pull the trigger and pick this guy up.

Last week vs. Chargers – 4-43

This week vs. the Chiefs – 4-112

If the concussion hadn’t occurred, who knows what Murray might have done.

For once the Raider running game looked like it had a little bounce to its step. For once, the Raiders have a home-run hitter back there as evidenced by Murray’s 90-yard TD run vs. the Chiefs.

Raider Haters get over yourselves and don’t look at Murray as a Raider. Look at him as a late-season dark-horse FF pickup.

Yes, the Raiders have been terrible and they might be terrible the rest of the season.

Murray, looks like he’s playing for a contract and that’s just the kind of addition you need this late in the season.

I put in my waiver claim five minutes ago and am hoping against hope he slips through the cracks. (Probably not, I have a couple Raider fans in my league).

Get in there quick though: Entering last night’s game, Murray was owned in 27 percent of CBS FF leagues and started in 6 percent.

I’d say don’t even give that concussion a second thought.

1. He’s got three extrad days to get well from that.

2. Even if he can’t play next week, you’re looking to add depth to your roster as the playoffs approach.

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How do we get Holladay City to reduce the speed on Holladay and Cottonwood Lane?

My buddy White Mamba was outside his home the other day on the intersection of Holladay and Cottonwood Lane when a dog was hit by a driver. The dog died as he looked on helplessly.

On Monday evening as I was sitting down to watch the MNF game my buddy White Mamba came in a few minutes after the game started.

We were all watching the game and he sort of mentioned that he’d had a rough afternoon.

(Paraphrase – White Mamba)

I was standing outside my house when a car came flying around the corner and hit a small dog that was in the road. The car kept on going but the dog ended up in my driveway.

“He was clutching for his breath and you could tell he didn’t know if he was going to make it, so I just held onto him until he passed while he was looking into my eyes.”

Mamba said later the driver of the vehicle came back and was in hysterics about hitting a helpless animal. When the owner of the pet stumbled onto the situation he asked if the dog was dead. Mamba told him yes, and the guy burst into tears.

And then that man’s wife came along and well as you can imagine the scene was pretty intense as people had to say an unexpected goodbye to their loved one.

The reason I’m posting this in my sports-blog is I hope it will reach the people it needs to reach. Mamba tells me this is not the first time that a pet has gotten injured/killed on this corner.

The posted speed limit is 40 mph but it’s a very residential area. In addition to the heavy human/animal traffic, there is also a blind corner on that intersection. In addition, a lot of bikers and joggers use that area for exercise.

The posted speed limit on this interchange of Holladay and Cottonwood Lane is 40 MPH. Need to have that changed as it is a very residential area with a lot of traffic, including humans and pets.

Add that all up and you have yourself a bad accident waiting to happen.

So, Salt Lake City – How about a little help getting the speed limit reduced at that intersection…30 MPH and the little fella that died wouldn’t have had to die!

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