Has Andrew Luck regressed?

Andrew Luck was 20-34 for 172 yards last night. When the Colts needed to produce a drive with less than 2:30 to go in the fourth, they ran it twice and Luck threw an incomplete pass.

By Rich Winter

      The Colts were all primed to ride the uncanny ability of Andrew Luck to a victory over the Eagles last night.

       After the Eagles tied the game at 27 with just over three minutes remaining, even broadcaster Jon Gruden heaped the praises of the Stanford QB.

       "This is where Andrew Luck thrives, he lives for this pressure and Luck is 15-2 in games decided by one score or less," were among the items that Chukie let fly from his mouth.

      And then the Colts came out and ran the ball twice and Luck threw an incomplete pass on a rushed third down. The Eagles got the ball back, Nick Foles calmly led them down the field and Cody Parky made a 36-yard field goal.

    Boom, gave over, Colts lose!

     What a strange set of calls by the Colts on their last offensive posession. You have one of the bright, up-and-coming star QB's in the NFL and you chump it up the middle for two uninspiring runs and a 3-and-out that cost you the game.

   While the fantasy stats probably showed well for Andrew Luck, his overall performance seemed to be lacking.

20-34 for 172 yards.

172 yards is a half for most elite quarterbacks.

     I thought the Colts got too wrapped up in establishing the run they forgot about stepping on the throat of an Eagles team that has shown a propensity to come from behind twice already this year.

     Yes, Luck had three touchdowns but they weren't down the field elite touchdowns. They were dump it down to Ahmad Bradshaw on at least two of those scores. 

    I keep waiting for Luck to burst out of his, still a young QB mold, and start lighting people up.

     The Colts made a concerted effort to run the ball with Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw combining for 149 yards but when it mattered most the Colts didn't turn the keys over to their field general, and it cost them.

      Is Andrew Luck a future hall of famer or just a guy with some really good skills coming out of college?

      Time will tell I guess but the Colts are 0-2 and getting ready for some must-win games in their division.

* Sep. 21@Jacksonville

* Home vs. Titans

* Home vs. Ravens

* At Texans



Fantasy - Why Darren Sproles is a solid No. 2 option

Darren Sproles was electric on Monday Night Football with 152 receiving yards that helped push the Eagles past the Colts.

By Rich Winter

     After watching Darren Sproles light up Indy last night with a career high of 152 yards receiving and 26 yards rushing and a rushing touchdown, I'm kicking myself for playing Chris Johnson and sitting Darren Sproles.

       You know, two points vs. 29 points.

       The best third down back in football had a career night receiving the ball, mostly on perfectly designed screens in Chip Kelly's offense. He showed toughness and heart and is the biggest reason Phillie was able to come back and get that 30-27 road victory over the Colts.

        When I drafted Sproles in my fantasy league, I basically took him so I could play him on my bye weeks where I was handcuffed.

        After seeing the amount of touches he's gotten in each of the last two games, he might end up being a starter or at least a viable option when my other backs have tough matchups.

Week one - 11 rushes for 71 yards with 1 td and 4 catches for 14 yards - 15 touches for 85 yards and 1 score.

Week 2 - 4 rushes for 26 yards and 7 catches for 152 yards with 1 td - 11 touches for 178 yards and 1 score.

      I love the consistency with which Chip Kelly uses this guy. He's the perfect back for Kelly's system as he's fast, small, dynamic and man does he run hard.

       If you're already handcuffed with a RB injury, this might be a guy to go after in a trade. It shouldn't take more than a WR, No. 3 to pry him out of someone's hands, besides mine, that already has a couple of stud backs on their roster.

      I've said this all summer that I didn't think the Eagles WR's would be nearly as good without DeSean Jackson to stretch the field.

      In week one, Jeremy Maclin did have 97 yards receiving but last night was what I expected.

     Maclin - 4-45

    Riley Cooper - 1-8

     Chip Kelly seems to like throwing to his tight-ends and he loves throwing it to the best third-down back in football.

      With Sproles playing RB to spell McCoy but also seeing time on the field as a slot receiver or anywhere Kelly wants him, the chances he keeps seeing double-digit touches is good.

       Get this man on your roster immediately. 

       Or offer me the right piece and I might give him up....


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What Kirk Cousins does for Redskin fantasy players

Now that Kirk Cousins is the starter, pencil in all Redskin position players as fantasy starters.

By Rich Winter

        I am sorry for your loss Washington Redskins fans, I truly am. 

      That said, boy am I excited that I have DeSean Jackson on my fantasy squad with a real NFL quarterback to throw him the ball. 

      In fact, just about every fantasy player that owns a Washington Redskins player is excited about the possibilities that not having RG3 in the lineup means for this team. 

       Alfred Morris - first multi-touchdown game in the last 18 games on the field. Now that the threat of running from RG3 is gone, Morris moves into that slot as a legitimate No. 1 RB. He won't share goal-line touchdowns and he can now be a premier back that gets a steady dose of the rock.

   DeSean Jackson - What good is the NFL's greatest deep threat if you don't have a QB that can throw the deep ball? Well, now the Redskins do have a pocket passer that can throw that deep ball.  Jackson was kind of a ho-hum No. 2ish WR on draft night and his stock is going through the roof today, despite having a bit of a shoulder ouchie.

     This passing of the torch was inevitable. It was if the Redskins organization thought about the ultra-talented and oft-injured RG3 and said, 'eh, we better draft another QB in this draft just in case.'

     Honestly, who has ever done that?

     It's like taking a QB high in your fantasy draft league and then backing him up with a 4th round pick just to be safe.

     The fallout of the switch has everyone in Washington D.C. wondering if maybe this isn't the best thing for the team from a long-term perspective?

    Mike Wise of the Washington Post reported as much Sunday night after Cousins replaced an injured Griffin and led the Redskins to an emphatic 41-10 pounding of the Jaguars.

"The dirty little secret in Ashburn is that Coach Jay Gruden actually thought Kirk Cousins was better suited to his offense, that Robert Griffin III wasn't getting it and there was no way to delicately make a change at any point this season without causing major problems throughout the organization," Wise wrote Sunday.

    And it's not like Jay Gruden did anything to dispel the validity of Wise's column.

     "Kirk is a true pro," Gruden said after the game. "He's handled being a backup like a pro, he's waited patiently, and now his time is going to come to really take this thing and run with it."

Gruden then emphasized the team "can win any game" with Cousins and feels he's "very much suited for what we do."

"Kirk is a special guy. He started four games last year and didn't have great success, but obviously has a skill set that I feel like is very much suited for what we do," Gruden said. "He can handle it mentally, and obviously, physically.

"I feel that he can make every throw in the book and we are going to move forward with Kirk."

   Every throw in the book, eh?

    Sounds like Gruden has his man.

    The excitement in the fantasy world probably pales in comparison to what the Redskins fans are feeling. The truth of the matter is with RG3, this team would struggle to go 8-8 and certainly had no business contending for a division title.

    Cousins has changed all that and now the Redskins, like them or not, are a legitimate threat of come our of that NFC East.

     I'm sorry RG3, but this is the best thing that could have happened to this team!


Was yesterday the low moment in the history of Raider Nation?

Charles Woodson said the Raiders sucked yesterday. They did...Will they ever not be the doormat of the NFL?

By Rich Winter

       Ya know, after watching the play yesterday where wide-receiver James Jones hauls in a 26-yard pass, fumbles it, comes from out of bounds picks it up and nearly runs it into the end-zone, only to fumble again, I have to pose this question.

     Was yesterday the low moment in the history of Raider Nation?

     I was intrigued by raider player, Charles Woodson flat out, coming out and saying we suck.

"We suck," Woodson said.

    Thank you Charles for not putting some fancy sugar-coating on it, because the Oakland Raiders are truly the worst team in football and the worst franchise in professional sports.

      I'm tired of losing Raider Nation!

    Woodson isn't merely embarrassed for the team either. He said he's also embarrassed for Raiders fans.

"When I came into the stadium today on the bus and I see all the fans there, everybody is optimistic. It's our first home game," Woodson said. "They're excited to see their Raiders and what was that that we put out there on the field today? That's embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for this team, I'm embarrassed for the fans."

   And that is exactly how I feel about my Raiders. I'm tired of this team being the laughing stock of the league. I'm tired of giving other people shit about their team, only for them to respond, "well, at least we're not the Raiders."

    Every single NFL fan that makes fun of the Raiders is exactly right.

    I've followed this team since 1976, damn my dad for making me watch the Vikings vs. Raiders Superbowl.

    The last time we had a winning record was 11-5 in 2002

    Since then, it's been abysmal. 

      53-124 is exactly how bad it has been since 2002.

       I've followed this team quite closely over the past couple of seasons and I thought maybe with Al Davis passing and some good solid moves in two straight drafts and two good off-seasons that perhaps we could turn the corner.

     Not even close.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like an all-star yesterday. The Texans moved the ball up and down the field and the Raiders were just pathetic until Darren McFadden got us a token touchdown in the final quarter.

    How can I get revved up for any Raider game the rest of the season when the team plays like that in their home opener?

     I can't, that's how....What a joke Raider players and owners and coaches.

     It's a damn shame when you don't want to own a Raider jersey because we don't have a single player talented enough or worthy enough for me to spend my hard earned cash on a jersey of a suckey player that probably won't be there in a few years anyway.

      Is there a silver lining in this silver and black stink cloud?

     I'm not sure, but I'm damn close to finding myself another team.

     You suck, you don't play hard, you all make millions and I'm forced to watch terrible, aggravating football every Sunday.

    Boo. Oakland Raiders....get it together fellas. Play like ya mean it and like wearing the Silver and Black means something to you, or I'm out!


Fantasy - Ryan Matthews sprained MCL..drop him, keep him?

Ryan Matthews has a sprained MCL...probably out 4-6 weeks...

By Rich Winter

     How many times are Charger fans going to watch Ryan Matthews get carted off the field during his career in San Diego?

      I'm guessing not to many more as Charger fans are a little preturbed over a guy that shows flashes of brilliance but spends way to much time on the injured/reserve.

     So, news comes out this morning that Matthews has a sprained MCL and will likely miss 4-5 weeks. MCL's are funny like that, depending on the grade of the strain, which we mere fantasy football players aren't privy to. What we do know is that Matthews is likely to miss at least a month?

    Oh Dear Fantasy Gods, what are owners of Ryan Matthews supposed to do with this news?

     Well, for one, ya might think about going out and grabbing Donald Brown who will likely get the lions share of the carries with Matthews out.

     Ya might see an increased work-load for Danny Woodhead and if you're in a PPR league, Woodhead should be at least on your bench.

    For Fantasy owners that rolled the dice on Matthews, this one is pretty tricky.

     Let's say he's out for a month and Donald Brown blows up - Matthews done!

     Let's say he's out for a month and Brown is ok, but Matthews doesn't really find a groove until about week 9 - OH MY!

      I say the decision comes down to what else you have on your roster. An MCL isn't the end of the world, but dang if Matthews isn't in and out of the lineup every year except 2013. If you've got enough talent on your roster to stay afloat for a month, then keep him.

      Keep an eye on Donald Brown the next few weeks and that may help influence your decision. If Brown does well, it is no secret the Chargers aren't fond of Matthews getting hurt all the time. If Brown does well, Matthews might spend the season on the bench.

      I say keep him for now, but keep a close eye on that situation. If you're high up in the waiver wire order this week, you might think about getting a Knile Davis, Jonathon Steward or even a Darren McFadden. 

    Good luck...this one is dicey at best!