Fantasy - Is Terrance Williams worth starting on turkey day?

While Tony Romo has been tossing touchdowns galore as of late, none of them are headed to Terrance Williams. Might want to think about benching him.

By Rich Winter

Through the first six games of this NFL season, Dallas WR, Terrance Williams was exactly what we thought he was - The Cowboys No. 2 WR that caught a lot of balls because Dez Bryant sees double coverage.

Through those first six games Williams yardage totals were ok (320 yards) but his touchdowns were solid (5 in six games). 

In this world of what have you done for me lately Terrance Williams, the Cowboys No. 2 has been pretty absent from Tony Romo's throws over the last five games. 

Williams last five - 10 - 124 (1 TD). Williams was held to no catches in the game against Jacksonville and that 25 yards per game over the last five is not getting it done for FF owners that thought they had a solid No. 2 or Great No. 3 on their roster early in the season.

Is this a system thing or is something wrong with Williams?

I think it's more of a system thing for Williams. Tony Romo has tossed 7 TD passes in his last two games and none of them have been to Williams. Pretty easy to figure that with the Cowboys wanting to run the ball with DeMarco Murray and a certain number of throws being penciled in for Jason Witten and Dez Bryant that most of why Williams is not doing well is related to the idea there just aren't enough balls to throw his way. 

Normally if a really good player is in a bit of a yardage or TD drought, I'll almost want to roll the dice on him to play the percentages of thought that at some point he's bound to go off.

Not in this case!

I just feel like the Cowboys have an entirely new identity this season and it's one that involves giving the ball to Murray and throwing it to Dez when you need a big play.

Williams vs. Eagles predictions: 2-25 

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Terrance Williams has averaged 25 receiving yards per game over his last five and he's got just one TD in those five games. Sit this man at all costs.

Are the Todd County boys the best kept secret in south-central South Dakota?

Joe Clairmont drives the lane against Winner in a game played last year in Ben Reifle Auditorium.

By Rich Winter

Mike Hammer, Todd County head basketball coach said I could have a personal interview with him on Monday afternoon as the Todd County boys hit the floor for their first practice of the season.

(Not sure if he was just saying that because he thought I wouldn't show up, because I'll find a way...Skype, Facebook, Chat...). Bet Hammer a Mtn. Dew he blows it. 

At any rate, I'm kind of excited to see what this team does this year. 

I like the nucleus of returning players.

Matt Dunham should be one of the best big men in the area as he's all grown into his 6-foot-5 frame.

Matt Dunham - 6-foot-5 F/C - Word on the street has it that Matt Dunham has put on some weight and is begging to play down in the low block. Dunham might be the best big-man at the upcoming Lakota Nation tournament and he's almost a given, double-double every night. Have a feeling that Dunham will be one of the premier rebounds in the area and probably have some big scoring numbers as he'll be capable of abusing other posts in that low block.

Joe Clairmont - 6-foot-2 with great leaping ability and the ability to take people off the dribble. Claimont can dunk with ease and I'm expecting we'll see a bit of that this season. Probably one of the best athletes in south-central South Dakota (needs to go out for track) and he has a little bit of an edge about him that makes him tough to guard and hard to score on. Claimont, like Dunham is a double-double waiting to happen. Good athlete than can grab the rebound and drive coast to coast before you blink. 

Austin Hammer - 5-foot-11 (Hammer height) - Austin came onto the floor as a starter his freshman season because he's a great passer and a defensive player that likes to harass the other teams guards. A little smallish his first two years, I look for Hammer to have a break-out type season as his scoring from beyond the arc could make things a lot easier.

Three returning starters should provide a very solid nucleus for Todd County to build around. I like the combination of a center/small forward and guard coming back. 

I also like the transfer players that came over from White River and St. Francis. 

Gunner Piper - Good athlete, great understanding of the game and is going to be looking to make an immediate impact on this Todd County team.

The Eagle Bear boy (Sorry, can't remember his first name) - I remember watching this guy play JV at White River a season ago. He's about 6-foot-4 with some really good leaping ability. He's a shot blocker and a guy that could easily score in double figures as the season goes along.

Junior Dru Espinoza - Started last year at St. Francis Indian School. Another player that goes about 6-foot-2 and can really handle. Espinoza started last year at St. Francis and got a lot of playing time. He's lethal from behind the arc which should really give Todd County some easy baskets. 

Lettermen missing: 

Anthony Bizardie - (College)

Shane Witt - (Transfer to St. Francis)

Sean Stinson - Graduated

Jeremy Long - (Creighton)

Chuck Spotted Elk - Graduated

LNI projections - I believe I've heard that Todd County is the 8th seed at LNI this year. I believe the Falcons win that first game, lose to the No. 1 seed the next day and then win out. A 3-1 performance at LNI should get these guys ready for their regular season.

Season outlook (Usually I'll visit with the coaches before I doll into this area, so this is only my opinion)

Falcons will be well above .500 this season but they will need to develop some younger players and make sure they are getting contributions off the bench. If they can find guys that can knock down threes they could do quite well. Must play solid defense and develop a good team chemistry that feeds off one another.

By the end of the year this experienced team is going to be a tough out!

Go get em Falcon basketball

Raider Nation - Revised poll

Shocked at how many people said Warren Sapp was their least favorite Raider player of all time.

By Rich Winter

Ok, so this morning I posted a poll about who the least favorite Raider of all time was. My Facebook account is still chirping with all of the people that have checked in and offered comments.

Someone mentioned Javon Kearse which I had forgotten about. Several mentioned Jay Schroeder. A few agreed with me that Marc Wilson was a scuzzy player.

That said, here are the four most popular choices and this time we're going to revise the poll. 

Is Red Colombe the biggest S**T Talker (Cowboys fan) in South Dakota?

Red Colombe and his 2nd most successful son, Clay Colombe.

By Rich Winter

Gotta admit I miss stepping into the Ampride in Mission, South Dakota on those cold weekday mornings and catching hell from Red Colombe. 

"The paper sucks or why are you wearing shorts or F-this or that," as he and that band of fellas he has coffee with stir up trouble before anyone else is usually out of bed.

Can't imagine what those Colombe brothers were like when they owned the barbershop in Dallas, back in the day. The amount of manure that was likely being spread throughout Texas is really pretty unfathomable.

But, alas, I don't know much about that.

I do know that ole Red Colombe is a pretty big Dallas Cowboys fan.

For the past few years as his son Clay goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on about the Cowboys, his old man has been sitting in the corner whispering, "Tony Romo sucks."

While I usually chimed in with Red to reemphasize the point that indeed Tony Romo sucks, I wonder if Red Colombe would be willing to take that back now that Romo doesn't suck and now that his beloved Cowboys are winning?

Hmmmm, might have to do a follow up as this season progresses.

Happy Holidays, Dynasty and family!!