TCHS cross country fund-raiser/bake sale is Saturday.

Make sure you check out the yard and bake sale tomorrow and grab an indian Taco while there.

By Rich Winter

   I can't fathom the fall sports season is almost upon us. That said, can you still believe the Todd County boys came home with a state championships.

  That is so wicked.

  You can almost feel the intensity racheting up for the season. Billy Mills was in town the other day and then Tapid City Stevens coach,Jesse Coy and USD coach Dan Fitzsimmons were in town for a cross country camp. 

  Of course, we have some very talented kids on the Rosebud.

  So of course that little ball of energy herself, no wait, a Whirlwind of energy has been yelling around for the last couple of days about a cross country yard sale, Indian Taco sale and a bake sale. 

Here are the yummie details. 

XC fundraiser

Yard Sale
Indian Taco Sale $5.00
Bake sale
Saturday August 2
10 am-till I'm tired:)
In Rosebud, corner house from the tribal building!
Come and support our team!
 — feeling awesome with Kernit Grimshawand 22 others.

     Helping out a good cause but also getting some great food, and fun. When you get there, give those kids a firm handshake and well done. We are proud of you. 

     Just on a side note, sometimes I think everyone wants to think Stadium Sports and maybe Buches can sponsor all kinds of stuff. 

    They do, a lot, but they get hit up so many times they have a stack of them that is about an inch thick sometimes.

      They are great to work with, but this is an idea that has everyone contributing and everyone doing something.

   I feel better about supporting the kids when I know they've worked for it. 

   Go get em coach!

Ska Black Bear and company are going to win game(s) this year

By Rich Winter

   Two years ago I was living in Utah, when the football team won it's first football game in a LOOOOONG time. I would have killed that for you guys, sorry I wasn't there. 

  Before I get on to this year's team and giving them a little promo. 

  Wanted to give a big shout at to graduated senior, Jacob Black Bear who was injured a bit last season and couldn't quite compete the way he wanted to. 

 Couple of times I was on the sideline and Black Bear just tattoed a kid.

  Another kid that showed a little something last year was Ska Black Bear. Had never seen this kid but be's decently fast, shows good instincts in getting to the hole and then he's slippery.

    I'm not sure where Black Bear is slated to play but I like the Warriors running out of shotgun with him a little more because he's such a good athlete. Pretty good leader, maybe a little quest but he will get guys moving. 

  So then I went to a junior high football game last fall between St. Francis and Todd County. The St. Francis jv was undefeated coming into that game. A young QB, Mato Good Shield was just churning up yards and making electric plays. 

      The whole St. Francis junior high team was good so I think we will see a few guys that are 9th graders that get some playing time. 

    And then we have sophomore Ty Arcoren who just seems goo at everything. He's fast, he's fluid and he's spent time in the gym. Wherever he plays, he's going to be making people miss and putting them in the dust. 


    I don't know a lot about lineman Kibbi Reynolds except he played quite a bit last year and he had a good track season. He and a couple of other big boys are going to be needed to get those athletes into space. 

  One not to the St. Francis players, quit yelling at the line all the time. I see a lot of complaining about lineman not paving the way and I also don't see a lot off praise when I see a lineman pave the way by declaring someone. 

 And then we have Keyshawn Peneaux who went to Todd County for most of his career, but decided to come home for his senior year. 

  I like that. Peneaux, I know, wants to play QB. Maybe a two-headed QB monster for Ryan Holy Eagle and the boys. 

 So. St. Francis I have one favor to ask of you and that's to work very hard in fall camp and pay attention to the little things like false starts and motion penalties. 

  If you could cut that in half, those mistakes and the plays that result from the, you guys might just make the playofffs. 

 Good luck Warriors, big fan, I'll be watching. 

Panic Button gives you the fantasy QB ranking sheet you need to see

The panic Button special - Top 25 Fantasy QBs

By Rich Winter

     So, I've been going over the Fantasy football stuff pretty hard for the last three weeks or so. Along the way, I've been critical of the experts and tossed some Toby Gerhart is the No. 25 fantasy RB, and I've taken a few shots.

     Today, I'm giving you the list of top-25 Fantasy Football QB. Seeing the experts pick Andy Dalton and Philip Rivers at the 17th and 18th best Fantasy QB's just blows my mind. Here is the list with a little thought and a few stats to back it up. 

   Keep in mind, I'm basing these stats on my league's scoring which is 6 points for a TD pass and one point for every 25 yards passing with bonus points occurring when said QB reaches 300 yards. 

 Rich Winter Fantasy Football QB list:

1. Peyton Manning - The season this man had last year was just special. That said, if you're taking him No. 1 overall or as your No. 1 QB, I'm expecting those stats to come back to earth a bit. Still elite, but not freaking mind-blowing.

Predictions - 5000 yards, 42 td's.

2. Drew Brees - You can almost pencil this guy in for 5000 yards as he gets there pretty regularly. Brees had 39 td's last season and no reason to think he'll drop off very much. Say what you want, this guy is the No. 2 point scorer for QB's. 

Predictions - 5100 yards, 38 td's

3. Tom Brady - Someone told me via Twitter that Tom had gone in the 12th round in a mock draft. Well, that's just peachy. People remember last year and they think Tom has slipped a notch. What they forget is the dreadful receiving corp he  worked into decency. The Patriots are running no huddle at camp this summer and you can bet with a full arsenal that Tom isn't going to be the 12th best qb in the league. 

Predictions - 4800 yards, 36 td's

4. Aaron Rodgers - I somehow want to vault a new guy over him but I just can't. The man is too consistent and he has a terrific offense and two great wide-receivers. I get the feeling Mr. Rodgers is going to be chucking it this fall.

Predictions: 4600 yards, 34 td's

5. Philip Rivers - I get tore up from the twitter world every time I dare mention Philip Rivers in this area. The stats are hard to deny. The man had 4478 yards and 32 td's. Both of those were in the top five. I'm not sure if it's something to do with San Diego not getting noticed, but P. Riv shows up every year. 

Predictions: 4450 yards, 32 td's

6. Andy Dalton - Yeah, I know he throws a lot of interceptions. He also tosses quite a few Td's. Last time I checked, int's were worth -2 and td's worth six. Dalton had 33 td passes last season, third in the league and 4293 yards passing. 

Prediction: His QB rating is going to go up this season. Those stats might suffer a bit, but he'll get you plenty of points. 4250 yards and 30 td's

7. Matt Stafford - This guy makes me nervous because I never know if he's going to be awesome or just not show up. Still though, the Lions throw it a lot and Stafford is usually close to 5000 yards. 

  Predictions: 4700 yards and 29 td's.

8. Andrew Luck - I get that he's never had huge numbers yet. He was poised to do that last season and then Reggie Wayne went down. Wayne is back, and the Colts got Hakeem Nicks. I'm told the offense is clicking.

Predictions - Please don't put Colin K. in here. Luck is going to be the best of all of those young QB's. 4400 yards and 28 td's

9. Jay Cutler - Brandon Marshall seems to think Cutler is going to be the MVP. I'm not sure about that but all I know is the Bears defense stinks and Cutler is going to be throwing it around. I sense some of his bad body language is going to go away this year. 

Predictions: 4300  yards and 27 td's

10. Matt Ryan - Bit of a down year for Ryan last season although he still tossed the ball for 4500 yards and 26 td's. That's a down year? I'm not quite sold on Ryan here, but he could easily be in the top five Qb's with all the talent he'll be throwing to. Don't be scared to draft him higher. 

Predictions - 4700 yards, 25 td's

Okay - (Less analysis, just predictions)

11. RG3 - I love that this kid ran for 800 yards his first season. If he gets that kind of running production and throws for 3700 yards and runs and passes for 30 td's. He could be dynamic

12. Nick Foles - 4300 yards and 25 td's

13. Tony Romo - That back scares me...4200 yards and 25 td's.

14. Russell Wilson - 26 td passes in each of his first two years. Pencil him for that and 3900 yards. 

15. Ben Roethlisberger - Could be much higher, 4400 yards and 26 td's

16. Cam Newton - I worry about all of those receivers that are new. 

17. Colin Kaepernick - I saw him pass for 81 yards in a game last season. Have defenses caught up?

18. Carson Palmer - Pretty consistent last year, has some weapons. 

19. Eli Manning - Was horrible last year

20. Josh McCown - Could be decent with those two big horses at wide receiver

21. Joe Flacco - Got paid didn't produce

22. Matt Schaub - Won a fantasy league with him a few years ago because he was always throwing in the second half. 

23. Alex Smith - Solid, not spectacular

24. Sam Bradford - Just because he can

25. Ryan Tannehill - Decent, at times. 

    The NFL QB's are very good again this year. 

   A lot of people are suggesting to not even waste a pick on someone like Aaron Rodgers until the 5th round because if you don't get him, someone just as good, will be there waiting. 

  Clearly having a QB who can toss the ball for 5000 yards and 40 plus Td's, puts you in a different stratosphere, but, look for guys like Rivers and Dalton who are gonna be drafted way later than they should be. 

   Panic Galore out.

   Let me know your thoughts.


Fantasy - Which Victor Cruz will we get this year?

Fantasy owners should be looking for Victor Cruz in the early teens, Read why

By Rich Winter

      By all accounts, last season was a train wreck for the New York Giants. Really hard to point the finger at one person or one area of that team, but as the Giants get ready to usher in the 2014 football season by playing in the HOF game, one guy I'm keeping my eyes on is Victor Cruz. 

      From a purely statistical standpoint, Cruz was electric a couple of seasons ago, pretty good in 2012 and so-so in 2011. 

     2011 - 82 catches, 1536 yards (18.7 avg), 9 td's

     2012 - 86 catches, 1092 yards,10 td's

     2013  14 games, 73 catches, 998 yards and 4 td's.

    I've been on the record as saying I'm not much of a Giants fan, nor an Eli Manning supporter, but I look at the cast of receivers that remain for the Giants and it's almost by attrition that Cruz should have a better year. 

   Hakeem Nicks is off to the Colts and Mario Manningham's knee is still not quite right, although he's making progress.

   The rest of the guys are names but unproven names at the highest level. 

     Odell Beckham Jr. , Julian Talley, Preston Parker, Trindon Holliday, Marcus Harris. 

    Cruz is interesting to me because he elevates to that No. 1, Giants wide-out status. That 18.7 yards per catch his rookie season is what I'm hoping this guy gets back to. 

     So, let's check what the experts are saying to see if that lends us any light as to where to draft Cruz. 

CBS - Jeremy Eisenberg - 21st

CBS - Dave Richard - 22nd

Yahoo - 13th

ESPN - 12th

Fox - 12th 

Rich Winter - I like the disparity there, and think the guys at Yahoo, ESPN and Fox might be onto something.

      In this pass happy league that is the NFL these days, what kind of numbers would it take to be a No. 12 producing WR?

    12th place in receiving yards in the NFL last season - Eric Decker - 1288

     12th place in TD's for NFL WR last season - 10

     Clearly based on that 1500 yard beast of a season, Cruz has all the tools.

     Manning is going to have to be way better than last season for Cruz to pup up those kinds of numbers, but ya gotta figure he'll be the No. 1 option and that bodes well for about

Rich Winter predictions - 1200 yards and 9 td's - I think 12 is a bit high but if you can get him at 15 as a second receiver, I'm thinking that is a guy you will like on your roster. 


Go wreck stuff Alan McCloskey

Southwest Minnesota State has no idea the beast that is about to unleash

By Rich Winter

   I can't even imagine how anxious recently graduated TCHS senior Alan McCloskey is to get back on the football field after missing most of his senior season with a knee injury that didn't allow him to play to his full potential. 

    I recall being up in the crow's nest at a Todd County home football game early in the season last year and I gotta say, for that game Alan McCloskey was in beast mode.

   The holes he was paving on the offensive line were something Mike Hammer and I could have blasted through for mildly, awe-inspiring runs. McCloskey was like a battering ram that game and eventually the opponents in front of him laid down because they were tired of getting their butts whipped.

    On the defensive end, you could clearly tell where McCloskey was on the field as the piles of bodies trying to stop this 6-foot-4, 270 ball of energy were getting strewn to the side like legos. If he wasn't stuffing the run, he was assaulting the QB. If he wasn't stuffing the run, or assaulting the QB, he was running people down from behind.

   Early in the season last year, McCloskey was a bright spot on a team that had very little experience on the offensive line. You could see him helping younger players getting in the right spot and getting after people for not doing their job or putting out the proper amount of effort.

  That's what seniors do you see!

 And then, it all went south!

 McCloskey hurt his knee in probably the third game of the year, can't remember for sure, and he sat out a few weeks hoping he could continue to play. He tried, the knee wouldn't hold and he spent the rest of the season helplessly looking on as the young lines suffered without his size, tenacity and experience. 

   McCloskey was headed for an all-state selection and probably some pretty good football offers from around the country.

   He had to wait a bit, but Southwest Minnesota State finally called, saw the potential, and gave him a chance to continue his craft at the next level. 

    One of the nicest young men I've had the pleasure to meet on the Rosebud. He's polite, respectful, funny, good in the classroom. Get him in the weight-room or the football field and you can toss all of that polite crap out the window.

   This is a big, bad man that wants to rip your head off. 

    The knee is healthy, thanks to a religious work-ethic in the weight room both at Todd County high school and Diabetes Prevention in Rosebud.

    I know he thought his moment in the spot-light was over after graduation, but it's only beginning.

   Go get em big fella. (Sorry, Alan, I tossed in those two other weaklings just so they wouldn't feel bad - JK


Is youthful ignorance an excuse for bad behavior?

Sports Instigator Rich Winter wonders why Jameis Winston continues to get a free pass

By Rich Winter

    The rap sheet on Jameis Winston just continues to get longer, and longer and....

  So, yesterday CBS Sports released a story about Jameis Winston and a teammate, Chris Casher were involved in some extra-curricular hijinks in 2012. 

     USA Today obtained and published a Florida State campus police report on Wednesday showing that in a 2012 incident, an officer detained Winston and his teammate at gunpoint and handcuffed them over the use of a pellet gun. 

     The arrest part of this story occurred about five hours before a BB gun "Battle" featuring several Seminole players at Winston's apartment complex led to $4200 in damages. 

  Winston and Casher were questioned by police over the second incident and neither was arrested.        Here is part of the police report: 

Per the pellet gun report, a police officer was called to a bike trail just off campus after receiving a report of two men carrying a "handgun." When the officer approached Winston and Casher, he told them to lie on the ground while he "pointed [the gun] at the suspects with my finger outside the trigger guard." He then handcuffed them and retrieved the pellet gun.

According to the report, Winston and Casher said they had been using the pellet gun to shoot squirrels. The gun was returned to Winston and Casher and they were released.

Both players declined comment to the Associated Press Wednesday.

     According to the Associated Press, Winston later told police he had not fired a BB gun in the battle that evening, although he was initially one of several players faced with eviction from the apartment manager.

     That manager later elected not to press charges, after an FSU athletics official arranged for the players to split the cost of the damages.  

     Hmmmm. interesting how the charges against Jameis Winston always seem to vaporize into thin air before he actually sees the inside of a court-room.

      As Winston neared the end of his second full year at Florida State he has been connected to four different incidents that attracted the attention of local law enforcement. 

His rap sheet is beginning to rival his brag bag.

He allegedly walked into a Burger King and drank soda out of the fountain without purchasing it or any food to go with it. The restaurant declined to press charges.

* He was on the scene when police showed up to check out what turned out to be a BB gun battle among FSU players that damaged 13 windows in an apartment complex. He said he didn't fire a BB gun himself and wasn't charged with any crime.

* These relatively minor incidents don't include his most infamous brush with the law after a female FSU student accused him of rape. The district attorney declined to press charges, but you would think having your name and reputation dragged through the national mud would increase your dedication to doing the right thing.

* And then of course you have the infamous crab leg incident where he walked into a store, ordered $35 of crab legs and then walked out without paying for them. 

     His statement for the crab legs incident is more of an apology for getting caught!

     He said he realized his "mistake" when he got home, but the Sheriff's office said he'd made no attempt to alert the store or return to pay for his dinner before deputies showed up at his door.

"I make no excuses for my actions," Winston's statement said, but it was full of them. The statement called the incident "a mistake" and "a moment of youthful ignorance."

"I hope and pray that my friends and family will view me as the 20-year-old young man that I am," the statement said.

     Why does this guy keep getting a free pass?

     This is not a 10-year-old who walked out of a convenience store with a pack of bubble gum, this is the Heisman trophy winner and the most famous college football player currently playing college football. 

    And he gets a free pass every time: 

 Technically, he wasn't arrested. He was given a civil citation as part of a local program for first-time offenders who've committed minor transgressions, and he'll have to do community service and pay restitution to have this incident erased from his record.

      So Winston got suspended from the baseball team, his lesser sport, and he had to do 20 hours of community service. 

     I'm not suggesting that Winston should be taken to jail immediately but what has happened to having some real consequences for these types of brushes with the law?

      How about a four-game suspension or some kind of counseling for Famous Jameis. 

    At some point, youthful ignorance stops being an acceptable excuse for repeated bad behavior. It would appear that Jameis Winston has reached that point. 

    Five strikes and you're out? Six? Seven? 

    Oh yeah, he's a fabulously talented athlete that in these instances appears to be above the law.

    College football at it's finest!

Thank you ESPN for taking a stance against Violence Against Women

The suspension should have been a lot longer than one week.

By Rich Winter

   I still haven't been able to wrap my head around all of the events surrounding the Ray Rice, 2-game suspension and the aftermath of Stephen A. Smith's comments that got him suspended from ESPN for a week. 

     If you're not familiar with the whole series of events, let's catch you up to speed. 

     In February, a video surfaced of Rice dragging his fiance, Janay Palmer, now his wife, out of an elevator at an Atlantic City hotel in February. Palmer was unconscious on the way out of the elevator. (See attached video).

    Last week, the NFL took some heat for handing out several suspensions that drew the ire of domestic violence groups across the country and landed ESPN figure, Stephen A. Smith in hot water.

    On the same day, the NFL suspended Cleveland wide receiver, Josh Gordon, for an entire season for failing a marijuana test. In that same news-span the NFL handed out a two-game suspension to Rice, the man who beat his partner unconscious.

  Then on ESPN, first-take, the next day Smith got himself into trouble for his remarks. First of all let me clarify that Smith said he abhors violence against women and that a man putting his hands on a woman is never acceptable. 

   But then he said this...

   Smith alluded to women in abuse cases when he said, "Let's make sure we don't do anything to provoke wrong action...we got to also make sure that you can do your part to do whatever you can to make sure it doesn't happen again."

  OH MY!

  So, shortly after this occurred, ESPN2's, "SportsNation" anchor Michelle Beadle responded with a series of tweets that some are now questioning why she every put them out. 

Michelle Beadle tweets:

   "I was just forced to watch this morning's First Take. A) I'll never feel clean again. B) I'm not aware that I can provoke my own beating."

She continued and really drove home the point that Stephen A. Smith missed on.

   "Violence isn't the victim's issue. It's the abuser's. To insinuate otherwise is irresponsible and disgusting." 

 So I read a comment from one of my fellow blogger's post who said this in a short-winded article that seemed to blame Michelle Beadle for getting Stephen A. Smith suspended.

  " If he can get suspended for a week for saying what we all know to be true how can we expect him to give us the real talk when his job may be on the line. Now we are going to be subjected to a bastardized version of First Take. A kinder gentler debate show. I don't know about you but I kinda liked things the way they were. Thanks a bunch Sports Nation."

    And then to top it off, another person left this comment in the article.

This is the problem with the media, educated individuals state their opinion with logic and reasoning; however, those individuals get wrongfully labeled and suspended from their employment.

    Frankly, I don't know where to begin.

    I'll give it to Stephen A. Smith for being educated but his lack of real thought behind what he said tells me he doesn't have the first clue about domestic violence in this country.

     To suggest or intimate that women should not provoke attacks and do their part to make sure these things don't happen is like a slap in the face to the millions of women in these United States that are abused and assaulted every year. 

     As Michelle Beadle said and she said it perfectly -  "Violence isn't the victim's issue. It's the abuser's. To insinuate otherwise is irresponsible and disgusting." 

     Here are some stats to tell us just how big of a problem this is. I hope those that are still living in the cave-man realm can come out of their shell and get a real understanding of just what the devastating effects of Violence Against Women.

The Victims

  • One in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.
  • Women experience more than 4 million physical assaults and rapes because of their partners, and men are victims of nearly 3 million physical assaults.
  • Women are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than men
  • Women ages 20 to 24 are at greatest risk of becoming victims of domestic violence.
  • Every year, 1 in 3 women who is a victim of homicide is murdered by her current or former partner.

The Families

  • Every year, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes.
  • Children who live in homes where there is domestic violence also suffer abuse or neglect at high rates (30% to 60%).
  • A 2005 Michigan study found that children exposed to domestic violence at home are more likely to have health problems, including becoming sick more often, having frequent headaches or stomachaches, and being more tired and lethargic.
  • A 2003 study found that children are more likely to intervene when they witness severe violence against a parent – which can place a child at great risk for injury or even death.

  Ray Rice entered an early intervention program, and good for him, but by doing so, he avoided jail-time and any kind of felony on his record.

Translation - Money.

  The NFL missed when they decided to punish him with a two-game suspension. It's funny that the NFL makes such a big deal out of breast-cancer awareness but just flippantly took no stance when it could have sent a real message that violence against women is not ok and will not be tolerated in this league.

  As for Stephen A. Smith, I really think he just got long-winded and said something that he didn't really think about or something that he has no experience in dealing with.

  He apologized for his remarks, but he didn't really apologize to the women who have been victims of crimes like these for saying or intimating that in some way there beating was something they provoked.


 Hey Stephen A, this is what domestic violence looks like.

Mission man offers reward for information on stolen 50CC bike

This is not the exact bike stolen but it is similar

By Rich Winter

   Woke up this morning and was saddened to see a post from my good buddy, Chad Whirlwind Soldier reflecting on his son's 50 CC electric motorcycle that had been stolen. 

   As a first means of getting his son's motorcycle back, Whirlwind Soldier is asking that the perpetrator return the stolen item, no questions asked.

   If that does not happen, Whirlwind Soldier is offering a $1000.00 reward for information on who stole the motorcycle. 

  The motorcycle is blue and white and an electric, 50 CC bike. He says the bike is worth about $600.00 but the sentimental value to his son and the hours he spends on the bike and having something nice is priceless. 

 To the perpetrator, Chad has the only key to the bike and it will not work without the key. Do the right thing here please. 

   If you have any information regarding the stolen motorcycle, please call Chad at 605-856-8272. 

Ted Nugent: Native Americans Are 'Unclean Vermin' Who Don't 'Qualify As People'

I think Donald Sterling is a peach compared to this scum bag

By Rich Winter

   I was going to listen to Ted Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever one more time this morning, after reading the title of a story where the Detroit rocker said Native Americans are 'Unclean Vermin' who don't qualify as people. 

  But then I read the story and I'll never be listening to Ted Nugent again.

   So, here is what went down!

   A group of Idaho, Native Americans cancelled one of Mr. Nugent's performances and Nugent went off on a tirade that makes Donald Sterling look like an angel. 

   Nugent was scheduled to perform at a concert at Couer D'Alene Casino in Worley, Idaho on Aug. 4. The concert was cancelled by tribal officials after they were made aware of some of the racist comments Nugent had made over the years. 

 Well, Nugent was none to happy about the cancellation of the concert and he went off in an interview with Gannett Wisconsin Media. 

"I take it as a badge of honor that such unclean vermin are upset by me and my positive energy," Nugent hatefully said. "By all indicators, I don't think they actually qualify as people, but there has always been a lunatic fringe of hateful, rotten, dishonest people that hate happy, successful people."

   An excerpt from the original story I saw posted on

To be blunt, it sounds like Nugent is talking about himself considering the racist remarks he has made about President Obama in recent years. The Idaho Native Americans who made the decision to cancel the concert did so precisely because of how hateful, dishonest, and rotten 'The Motor City Madman' is. We're talking about a man who crapped his pants to avoid serving in Vietnam, a man who married a teen girl he was the legal guardian of just so he could have sex with her, a man who has called for the execution of Democrats and the President of the United States, and a man who has made racist  comment after racist comment. 

Native Americans are not only people, they're the first people and original inhabitants of North America. Their ancient culture has played a large role in shaping America, and it's because of hateful bigoted people like Nugent that Native Americans have been nearly wiped out.

And this is not the first time Nugent has been banned for his hateful self. 

Earlier this year, a town in Texas paid him $16-thousand to stay away. 

    I just don't get it!

   What is wrong with people that have that much hate built up in them. Take the cancellation like a man. They don't want you or your racist attitude.

    Sorry, Ted, I don't know you or your so-so music anymore. 

  Big shout out to David Le Beau who posted the original article on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Facebook page. 

Fantasy - Can Ben Tate resurrect an anemic Cleveland rushing attack?

Ben Tate is an intriguing fantasy RB prospect with a change of scenery to Cleveland

By Rich Winter

   Alright Ben Tate, show us what you can do as an every down back.

   Ben Tate has always played in the shadow of Arian Foster for the Houston Texans. He's dotted a few fantasy rosters along the way, having decent seasons in 2011 and 2013, but he's never been the man, until now.

    Tate has moved his playing career to Cleveland where he hopes to take over the running back by committee approach from last season that was absolutely dreadful.

Cleveland 2013 RB stats:

Willis McGahee - 377 yards, 0 touchdowns

Chris Ogbonnaya - 240 yards, 2 Td's

Edwin Baker (who) - 171 yards, 1 td

(Dang, no wonder they were throwing to Josh Gordon so much. 

 I always worry about guys that step into the No. 1 role as running back after playing backup for a number of years. I wrote about Toby Gerhart yesterday and dang if people aren't locking onto him as a solid No. 2 Fantasy RB.

  So, what to do with Ben Tate?

Let's check some stats and maybe do a projection if he should happen to hit the magical 300 carries.

2011 - 175 carries, 942 yards 4 td's, 13 catches 98 yards 0 td's

2012 - 65 carries, 279 yards 2 td's, 11 catches, 49yards and 0 td's

2013 - 181 carries, 771 yards and 4 td's, 34 catches, 140 yards and 0 td's. 

Let's project those numbers from 2013 out to 300 carries, assuming health over a full season. 

If Tate had 300 carries, he would have had 1278 yards and likely 250 yards receiving and let's say 9 total td's. 

 I like the fit for Tate as he will be working under offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. If you'll recall, Shanahan was the OC for Houston under Gary Kubiak before taking the reigns in Washington with the same OC title. 

   I expect Cleveland to try to get back to the run and that means a heavy dose of Ben Tate.

  Fantasy expectations:

  CBS - Jeremy Eisenberg - 27th

  CBS - Dave Richard - 27th

   Yahoo - 28th

   ESPN - 27th

   Fox - 21st

   Rich Winter - 20th - I'm thinking Tate could have a pretty solid season up in Cleveland. It's really hard to predict what Cleveland is going to do this year. Still a little uncertainty at QB and of course Josh Gordon is gone due to suspension. 

  Are the Browns going to resemble the team with some pep to their step during that brief run where Brian Hoyer was injecting energy into the team or are they just going to chuck it all game.

   It's a dicey predicament when you slot a guy like Tate as your No. 2 RB that has never carried a full load.

  I'm not sure why the experts have Toby Gerhart ranked ten spots ahead of Tate. I'll take that bet that Tate has a better season.

  Since I'm a WR/RB kind of guy, I may target Tate as my No. 2. Be great to have him as a No. 3 and see how many touches and how he performs over the first few weeks of the season.

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