Arian Foster doubtful, should you add Jonathon Grimes or Alfred Blue?

Texans rookie RB, Alfred Blue is expected to see action today as Arian Foster is doubtful with a hamstring injury.

By Rich Winter

      Well, Arian Foster owners, what did you expect?

     A week after lighting up the Oakland Raiders, Arian Foster looks to have come up lame with a bad hamstring and is unlikely to play in today's game against the New York Giants.


    Those hammies can be dicey if you're the owner of Foster and are counting on him for No. 1 production.

     So, now what.

     The Texans injury report says that Alfred Blue, the rookie from LSU, will get some work today, along with Jonathon Grimes.


     Jonathon Grimes has a little more NFL experience, but not the kind you shoulder your load on. 

    2012 - 2 carries for 6 yards

     2013 - 21 carries for 73 yards and 1 td.

     2014 - 4 carries for 11 yards.


27 carries for 90 yards and 1 score is the Jonathon Grimes resume.

What about Alfred Blue then?

     His resume reads like a career college backup at LSU.

     In 2011 he had 530 yards but just 270 and 343 in 2012 and 2013.

    If you're an Arian Foster owner, you've gotta make a decision and grab one of these guys ASAP. Foster could be hobbled by that hamstring all year and you would be wise to pick up his backup before someone else does. 

     If it's me, I've seen the career resume of Jonathon Grimes and I don't think he's going to get a ton of work.

    Even though it might raise a few eyebrows, I'd pick up Alfred Blue in a second because at least we don't know what his full NFL capabilities are.

     The good thing about Blue in this situation is the Texans like to run the ball and they have a great defense.

     Who know, if Foster is a dud this year, you might just end up with a stud. 

    Or dud!

   Ahhhhh, fantasy football!

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Will Randy Gregory be the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL draft?

Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory was mixing it up yesterday against the Miami Hurricanes. With his size, speed and athleticism, Gregory could be the No. 1 pick in next year's NFL draft!

By Rich Winter

    Alright Husker Nation...I don't often give you love but after watching Randy Gregory mix it up with the Miami Hurricanes, I gotta say, I like this guy a lot.

   Gregory is the 6-feet-6, 255 pound pass rushing, monster, defensive end for Nebraska and he's a guy that offenses must account for on every play.

     A bit smallish against the run, but Gregory has freakishly long arms, a quick first step and the athleticism of a Lawrence Taylor in a bigger body.

     And he's got a bit of a nasty streak to him!

      I like it!

      During the game with the Hurricanes, Gregory was taken off the field for the last play of the game as a precaution because he had been jawing at that Hurricane front-five all night.

     If you don't double him and you drop your QB straight back in the pocket, he better deliver off a 3-step drop because Gregory will get to the QB.

    Although he's just a red-shirt junior, I expect Gregory to depart for the NFL after this season.

    Why wouldn't he, the CBS Sports draft website has him coming off the board at No. 4.

1 *Marcus Mariota QB 1 Oregon rJr 6-4 215 1

2 *Leonard Williams DE 1 Southern California Jr 6-5 298 1

3 Cedric Ogbuehi OT 1 Texas A&M rSr 6-5 300 1

4 *Randy Gregory DE 2 Nebraska rJr 6-6 245 1

5 Brandon Scherff OT 2 Iowa rSr 6-5 320 1

6 *Jameis Winston QB 2 Florida State rSo 6-4 235 1

      With all apologies to Leonard Williams of USC, Gregory is going to be a better pro. He's already got an elite repertoire of pass rush moves and is extremely adept at getting blockers off of him with his hands.

      Look what this man did in ten starts for the Huskers last season.

   In only 10 starts, he totaled 66 tackles with 19 tackles for a loss, 10.5 sacks, one pass batted and an interception.

     10.5 sacks and 19 tackles for loss in ten games.

    Are you kidding me?

     Move over Marcus Mariota, Randy Gregory is coming for you!


Is AMEER ABDULLAH the best RB in college football?

AMEER ABDULLAH gashed Miami for 229 yards yesterday. That's the second time the Huskers RB has been over 200 yards in single-game settings this season.

By Rich Winter

       Holy cow that game between Nebraska and Miami yesterday got nasty in the second half. Bodies were flying, fights breaking out, flags galore - And through all the muck and jawing between these two teams that hate each other, Ameer Abdullah just gashed the Hurricanes.

      Abdullah carried the rock 35 times yesterday and ground out 229 yards with two TD's as the Huskers ripped the Canes 41-31. 

     What? A Nebraska back carried the ball 35 times for 229 yards. 

      Is this 1983?

     Did Tom Osborne come back and coach yesterday?

      None of the above?

      While it seems that Nebraska has been searching for an identity for the last decade, the Huskers are a hit-you-in-the-mouth team and cram it down your throat type of team.

     And that ship sails around Ameer Abdullah. Well, that and a bunch of corn-fed fellas on the offensive line paving the way for Bo Pelini's offense.

      While Abdullah might have crept up on some of you, his 1690 yards and 9 td's last season might have been the stat that has those frenzied Huskers fans going crazy this morning.

      Abdullah through the first four games this season.

    Vs. Florida Atlantic - 232 yards and 1 td.

     Vs. McNeese State - 54 yards and 1 td (Not sure what the Huskers were doing that day but?)

     Vs. Fresno State - 110 yards and 1 td

     Vs. Miami - 229 yards and 2 td's. 

    Through four games this season, Abdullah has rushed for 625 yards and 5 td's. 

    Let's project that out over 12 games:

     2500 yards and 20 touchdowns...Oh my!

      While Abdullah is just 5-feet-9 and 200 pounds, this kid packs a punch. 

    According to the website -, Abdullah is the 16th ranked RB prospect for the upcoming 2015 NFL draft.

     If he continues to put up these monster numbers, that will change, and change in a hurry, especially if the Huskers keep winning. 

    Here is a look at Nebraska's remaining schedule.

Sat, Sep 27 Illinois (Homecoming) * - Memorial Stadium 8:00 p.m.

Sat, Oct 04 Michigan State * - at East Lansing, Mich. 7:00 p.m.

Sat, Oct 18 Northwestern * - at Evanston, Ill. 6:30 p.m.

Sat, Oct 25 Rutgers * - Memorial Stadium TBA

Sat, Nov 01 Purdue * - Memorial Stadium TBA

Sat, Nov 15 Wisconsin * - at Madison, Wis. TBA

Sat, Nov 22 Minnesota * - Memorial Stadium TBA

Fri, Nov 28 Iowa * - at Iowa City, Iowa TBA

     The Huskers two toughest games come on the road...At Michigan State and at Wisconsin. While I expect those defenses to slow Abdullah down a bit, it's the Big-ten and you can bet Abdullah is gonna be churning out yards all season.

     If the Huskers return to running the ball and cramming it down people's throats, I might just hafta jump back on the band-wagon I jumped off in 1993.


Is Shane Carden the best QB in college football?

East Carolina's Shane Carden threw four touchdown passes and ran for two more as East Carolina routed North Carolina.

  By Rich Winter

      I couldn't help but blink twice at the television screen as the East Carolina vs. North Carolina score flashed yesterday.

     East Carolina 70 - North Carolina 41

     With all apologies to North Carolina for having a defense that leaks like a sieve, East Carolina QB, Shane Carden might be the best quarterback in college football after he went 30-48 for 438 yards and 4 td's - For good measure, the 6-foot-2, 221 lb. senior ran for two more scores as the Pirates of ECU dominated their fourth straight opponent from the ACC.

       Were it not for a 33-23 loss AT South Carolina, earlier this year, we might be talking about ECU as a top-tier team and Carden as a potential Heisman trophy winner.

      Make no mistake, ECU is going to win a ton of games this year with Carden at the helm.

     Carden career stats:


2012 - 3116 yards (66 percent completion) 23 td's and 10 int's. 

2013 - 4139 (70.5 percent completion, 33 td's and 10 int's

2014 - 1469 - through four games (63 percent completion) 11 td's and 3 int's. 

    Carden is headed for a monster season, one that is sure to grab the attention of pro scouts.

       Keep an eye on this East Carolina squad as well. Off to a 3-1 start with wins over Virginia Tech, North Carolina Central and now North Carolina, the Pirates should be on the verge of breaking into the top-25.

      And, they'll likely be favored in each of their next eight games.

0/04/14 vs. SMU (HC) * Greenville, N.C. TBA

10/11/14 at USF * Tampa, Fla. TBA

10/23/14 vs. Connecticut * TV Greenville, N.C. 7:00 p.m. ET

11/01/14 at Temple * Philadelphia, Pa. TBA

11/13/14 at Cincinnati * TV Cincinnati, Ohio 7:00 p.m. ET

11/22/14 vs. Tulane (MIL) * Greenville, N.C. TBA

11/28/14 at Tulsa * Tulsa, Okla. TBA

12/04/14 vs. UCF (EA/SD) * TV Greenville, N.C. 7:30 p.m. ET

     I wonder if the Heisman committee will look at the laundry list of accolades of their last two winners, Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston and give the award to a guy with character this year?


Fantasy - Which Fantasy RB duds could turn into studs?

How is that must have Toby Gerhart experience working out for ya, fantasy owners?

By Rich Winter

      I'm not always right in my fantasy football predictions, but when I am, I like to pour salt in the wounds of those called me moron, dumb-A** and worse.

      Toby Gerhart was the Mr. must have fantasy football selection this year. I cautioned people about him, and I got told I was a moron.

     How's that Gerhart move working out for ya, Gerhart lovers.

    Gerhart -  25 carries 50 yards 0 td's and 4 catches for 24 yards and 0 td's. 

     I'm not sure it's time to dump him but if he's not on your bench until the Jags figure out what kind of team they are then you shouldn't be allowed to play fantasy football.

     Will he turn it around...Probably, but he's really nothing more than a stop-gap guy...AS I TOLD YOU IN AUGUST.

Deangelo Williams - Too add misery to the Carolina RB situation, Williams is hurt early in the season. The thing with Williams is he's going to have three big games this year and 13 crappy ones. Good luck rolling the dice with this one because the minute you play him, he'll suck.

Turn it around: Nope, He is what we thought he was...One of the most frustrating fantasy pick-ups in history. 

Trent Richardson - This guy is quickly turning into Deangelo Williams 2.0. The minute he starts cranking out some yards he coughs up a fumble. He's not much in the passing game but it looks like the Colts do want to run the ball.

Turn it around - I think, if you own him you know the frustration of trying to decide. I'll go with maybe on this one. 

Darren McFadden - Mcfadden might be a great RB and we just don't know it because he plays for the Raiders.

Turn it around - Not in this lifetime...I'm guessing he's looking for a way to sprain something so he can get paid and sit out the rest of the year. (Errant piece of grass anywhere?)

Fred Jackson - Hold onto this one fantasy owners! C.J. Spiller comes out of the gates like a gang-buster and then fades after week three. Jackson is going to emerge like he always does as a viable No. 2 RB option.

Will he turn it around - You betcha!

Jonathon Stewart - Oh, this man is as frustrating as they come in fantasy football. So far this season he's got 57 yards rushing and 39 receiving and 1 td.

Will he turn it around - Not on this roster, not with Cam Newton being a running QB. 

CJ Spiller - Start him while he's hot. Spiller is off to a good start but as the whether gets colder so will his carries.

Turn it around - Yep, the wrong way. Keep him on the roster but I think he fades to a low-end No. 2 RB by the end of the year.

Steven Jackson - I was mildly intrigued by the play of Jackson in that Thursday night debacle. Is he getting his legs under him?

Turn it around - Jackson hasn't been very good for a couple of years now but I think he might turn into a low-end No. 2 as the year progresses. 

Ahmad Bradshaw - I liked what I saw out of Bradshaw last week against the Eagles. He's a nice, change-of-pace back from what Trent Richardson brings to the table.

Turn it around - As Richardson falls out of favor, I think Bradshaw gets more and more touches. I'd even venture a trade for this guy.

Lamar Miller - He's a must start this week and a must drop next week.

Will he turn it around - Nope...he's had enough chances and Moreno has proven to be the man. 

Bobby Rainey - After that fumble-itis performance on Thursday and with Doug Martin coming back, I see no reason to keep Rainey on the team.

Turn it around - Nope, he's headed to the bench.

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