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The Heisman watch list that should be and why it won't be

By Sports Instigator, Rich Winter

I went to Yahoo Sports this morning...oh, I don't know why. Thought maybe my constant referencing of CBS sports might be getting a bit stale, so I looked else-where.

I should have known better. The last time I went here was pre-fantasy-football-draft and the good ole boys from Yahoo Sports had Cam Newton as the No. 3 QB.

So, Heisman watch some gal named Graham Watson has Johnny Manziel and Aaron Murray of Georgia on top of her heisman list, then Jameis Winston and then Tajh Boyd and Marcus Mariota of Oregon. (SEC two, ACC two and Pac-12 one)

I suppose you have to give someone else in the country a look with that Mariota throw in, but again, her list reeks of east-coast bias.

And all of the people on her list are quarterbacks...Imagine that.

1. Sean Mannion - Ummm, he's got 2018 passing yards this season...1st nationally and he's also got 21 touchdown passes (six last week) - Well we can't have him be the best football player in the country because he lost to Eastern Washington in the first game of the year. Now, we do realize that Eastern Washington won an FCS title a couple years ago, but Oregon State is a middle-tier Pac-12 school...can't give them too much love.

(Mariota has thrown for 1,003 yards. But he's got nine TD passes without a pick, five rushing touchdowns and a stunning 14 yards per carry for the unbeaten and second-ranked Ducks.

2. Keith Wenning - Ball State - Wenning had 335 yards in Ball State's 31-24 win over Toledo and he has thrown for 9,223 yards in his career. He needs 330 yards to become the schools all-time leading passer. 

  His 1,650 yards this season is second only to Mannion's 2018.

(Well, we can't throw any love to the Mac even though they kicked the crap out of the Pac-10 last week. Let's not even consider this guy although NFL scouts are surely noticing).

3. Melvin Gordon - RB - Wisconsin - He's only averaging 10 yards per carry. He has 698 yards rushing and 7 touchdowns, both of those numbers are 2nd in the FBS at the moment. He splits time with another running back or his numbers would be even greater. (We've been disrespecting the Pac-10 all year, why would we throw any love to any of those teams other than maybe, Ohio State?)

4. Vic Beasley - Linebacker - Clemson - Clemson looks like they are for real. Most of the love, of course, goes to QB Tajh Boyd but what about Beasley. He's leading the nation in sacks with six and he's made the Clemson defense as solid as they come. He steps up in big games, having three sacks against North Carolina State and two in their opening-season win over Georgia.

    I hate when sports writers mail it in during these Heisman trophy lists. The author from Yahoo Sports should have gone outside her comfort zone instead of recapitulating last week's news. But you can't blame her I guess. Doing real homework and making a real list would require an original thought.
     I say it's time for a Despise the Heisman trophy campaign.