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The worst advertisement - EVER - Richie Incognito is on the West Coast

By Sports Instigator, Rich Winter

Ya know...sometimes I wonder what goes through people's advertisement minds when they are sitting around trying to come up with an idea to captivate the audience.

Here is how not to do that.

   Spirit Airlines came up with the idea to give you $24 of savings because you clicked on their ad. They are essentially using the Jonathan Martin v. Richie Incognito.

    Ya know, I get it people are talking about bullying right now.

    The problem with an ad like this is they desensitize bullying and they are essentially trying to capitalize on people's astonishment of this whole thing.

   Boo, Spirit Airlines. 

  The Incognito thing on the west coast....speculation is he's there to try to work something out with Martin. Other speculation is he's there to talk to his agents to figure out what to do with his career next.

    No word if Incognito took advantage of the low-low fares of Spirit Airlines.