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Is this the last run for Wes Welker? Yay or nay on HOF?

After multiple concussions and father time catching up to him, is this Wes Welker's last season in the NFL?

By Rich Winter

As the Denver Broncos march into the final stretches of the 2014 regular season, you gotta wonder if this might be the last time football fans get to see Denver WR, Wes Welker on the field. 

His stats are far removed from his 100-catch, 1000 yard days in New England, and his role with the Denver Broncos is that of a 4th receiver in an offense that lately seems to be more interested in running the ball than throwing it all over the place. 

Wes Welker 2014 stats: 43 (catches) 392 (yards) (2) TD's 

The yardage totals are the lowest since 2005, when he was still breaking into the league as a member of the Miami Dolphins. 

His numbers are dwindling and of course, you have to weigh in on all of those concussions that Welker has suffered during his playing days, specifically the three in ten months that interrupted part of his career in Denver. 

"Every time you're getting a concussion, it's like withdrawing money from an ATM. And you don't know how much money God has put in your account," said Dr. Kevin Crutchfield, a neurologist and concussions expert who is director of the Comprehensive Sports Concussion Program at LifeBridge Health in Baltimore.

Welker has had a magnificent career: 884 catches, 9750 yards and (50) receiving td's.

I'm guessing this will be the final season for Welker. His stats are dwindling and I don't see a gigantic demand for his services outside of Denver or maybe New England. 

Enjoy him while you have him Denver. Chances are Welker will walk away from the game like he came into it, with little fanfare!